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No matter how affordable the destinations we talk about are, the simple fact is: You can’t live anywhere for free…

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Do you know someone earning an income overseas? Maybe you’re running your own business abroad, or traveling the world with a portable income…

Our mission is twofold: To introduce readers to the vast array of earn-from-anywhere incomes out there—such as teaching English, blogging, copywriting, and online importing. And we also explore the trends to tap, uncovering the niches that expats are filling in the world’s most desirable retirement destinations. Own a romantic B&B in France’s Dordogne, run your own bar on a Caribbean beach, or leverage the growth of the craft-beer industry in Latin America to grow a microbrewery.

We’ll pay $75 if we use your story as one of our Fund Your Life Overseas e-letters and up to $400 for a story in Incomes Abroad.

If you have an idea for a story, just contact Managing Editor Paul O’Sullivan right here.

Don’t worry if you’re not the new Hemingway—we’re not looking for professional writers. If you’ve got an income that funds a life you love overseas, then we want to hear about it… If you know of someone running a business, or earning a living overseas, then we want to hear from you… If you’ve got the inside track on the nitty gritty of starting a business overseas, have hard-won practical advice to share…

In the past, we’ve heard from folks who have turbocharged their nest egg by working the latitudes…explored in-depth a microbrew success story in Colombia’s Colonial Highlands…discovered the best places to earn a living teaching English overseas…and got the inside scoop on earn-anywhere, Digital Nomad incomes like blogging, copywriting, and dropshipping…and we’re always on the lookout for new ways to fund your life overseas.

Submit your ideas and any questions you may have to Fund Your Life and Savvy Retiree. Email: [email protected]

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