Imagine relaxing on your veranda, your first steaming cup of coffee in hand as you look out to the quiet turquoise waters of the Caribbean spread out before you... Or picture yourself in a flower-filled courtyard where lavender bougainvillea tumbles over stucco walls, while the sweet perfume of frangipani fills the air at dusk. Maybe you dream, instead, of a mountain retreat where the air is crisp and the hills are rolling. Or perhaps it's an elegant pied-à-terre in a cosmopolitan city you envision.

Here at International Living we are in the business of making these dreams a reality.

Moving overseas is a huge decision. Picking which country is best for you is not easy. Questions about healthcare… cost of living… climate… proximity to the U.S. all need to be answered. We want to assist you in answering those questions as best we can. From Ecuador to France, Belize to Spain, our aim is to equip you with as much knowledge as we can.

Images can be just as useful as words and that is why we have compiled a number of infographics for your viewing pleasure. Topics such as the top 10 reason to move to each of our core countries or how best you can use your Social Security overseas are covered. Please see below for the full list of International Living infographics.

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