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Live in Bolivia

Bolivia has a great linguistic diversity as a result of its multiculturalism. The Constitution of Bolivia recognizes 37 official languages besides Spanish.

Bolivia isn’t known for its expat communities. Foreigners who do come to the country to buy real estate are generally attracted to areas like Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, and Magdalena. Although some Europeans, mostly Swiss and German, are discovering Bolivia, it’s still very much below most expat’s retirement destination radar.

Due to the warm climate, most homes in Bolivia have very large covered patios and hammocks are standard patio furniture for the afternoon siesta.

Santa Cruz is Bolivia’s largest city although it has still managed to retain a small-town feel despite being the country’s trade and transport hub. This is where you’ll find locals sitting in the street watching the world go by, where shops still close for siesta each day and where a relaxed tropical atmosphere prevails.

Cochabamba is one of Bolivia’s boom cities. Busy and buzzing it has wide avenues that house a large choice of restaurants, and the bar life here is lively, driven by students and young professionals. Despite this, Cochabamba remains a very affordable city.


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