Video: Come Take a Walk in the Sun Along Panama City’s Bay

The sky is a piercing blue, with a few wisps of white that could hardly be called clouds. Small boats and yachts bob in the marina, and birds and bees swoop and buzz around the trees and flowered hedges that line the walkway. On a sunny morning—and we have a lot of them—the Cinta Costera in Panama City is the picture of perfection.

Tropical Panama may conjure images of Caribbean white-sand beaches and tiny islets surrounded by turquoise waters. It’s true, this country boasts two coastlines and hundreds of islands. But its capital is also a sight to behold, from the gleaming towers of the International Banking District to the romantic colonial homes of the historic district, Casco Viejo. Connecting the two is the Cinta Costera, or Coastal Belt, a network of avenues, walkways, bicycle lanes, and recreation areas.

Just of the Cinta Costera is also one of Panama City’s most cachet neighborhoods, Punta Paitilla. Here you can find many affordable homes with breathtaking ocean views.

Every morning and evening, hundreds of locals head to the Cinta to walk along the water, play basketball, and much more. This model of urban design has become a beacon for active people of all ages, and showcases the very best this exciting, growing city has to offer. Grab a cup of joe at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, then cross over to the Cinta Costera to buy some fresh fruit.

Walk east and you’ll hit the famous fish market (surrounded by ceviche stalls). Another five minutes walking will get you to Casco Viejo, where you can take in the stately buildings, churches, and monuments that surround its colonial plazas.

Instead of me telling you more about it, let me show you. Below is a video I shot while on the Cinta Costera recently.


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