Video: How to Travel With Pets

We’re very excited to introduce Warren and Julie Knox, who have been traveling the world with their two dogs since 2020.

They started their journey in Ecuador and after nine months of being locked down there during COVID, they moved to Eastern Europe and have been exploring Europe by car ever since.

Warren and Julie have extensively researched how to travel with their pets, determining what documents they need, what vaccinations to get, how to get certified by a vet, and how to select pet-friendly accommodations.

If you’re a pet owner and would love to travel the world and bring your furry friends along, this video is for you.

You’ll be hearing more from Warren and Julie on ILTV as they share their tips and insights on how they’re slow traveling Europe.

If you want to know more about Warren & Julie’s story, they have put together a video explaining their journey so far. You can check it out here:

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