Dominican Republic Fast Facts

Dominican Republic

Population: 10,219,630

Capital City: Santo Domingo

Climate: Tropical maritime; little seasonal temperature variation; seasonal variation in rainfall

Time Zone: GMT-4

Language: Spanish (official)

The Dominican Republic: Easy Caribbean Living

The beaches in the Dominican Republic are long expanses of fine white sand that stretch out along the coast. The blue-green waters are excellent for diving, swimming, surfing, and wind surfing.

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Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic is a special hidden place where miles of beach weave their way around verdant elevated points. The sands are tan in places, white in other. The turquoise waters break in white explosions offshore where they meet reef. French and Italian pioneers came to this charming little place before the rest of the outside world had found it. They came in search of adventure...the perfect beach...and friendly local neighbors to share it with.