In Pictures: Life in Asia

Exhilarating, comfortable, and affordable are just some of the ways expats describe their life in Asia. For those looking to relocate in Asia, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia are among the best places to live. The low cost of living, excellent health care and stunning scenery are some of the reasons why many expats choose to start a new life in Asia.

Thailand lies at the heart of Southeast Asia, with Cambodia to its east, and Malaysia to the south. From the tropical climate and the tempting cuisine to the welcoming culture and the pulsing nightlife, there’s something for everyone in Thailand.

From Malaysia, all of Asia is on your doorstep—beautiful deserted islands, fascinating cities, and glorious mountainous rainforests. The country also has a unique blend of cultures, a stable political system and world-class health care.

Cambodia, like Malaysia and Thailand, offers a low cost of living and a tropical climate. The expat community in Cambodia is growing and it’s not hard to see why. Cambodia has a lot to offer potential expats. Mysterious temples may ignite your imagination, or perhaps fried cricket will interest your taste buds? For those looking for adventure, Cambodia won’t disappoint.

If exotic as an everyday offering is what you’re searching for, a life in Asia may be for you.

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