Ocean-View Lots From $664 a Month

As I told recently, there's a lot to like about Uruguay...

It's stable and prosperous. It's First World, with an emphasis on banking privacy, and a business-oriented government.

As a global safe haven, it's a place where smart money goes in times of uncertainty. A place where you can diversify, protect your wealth, and still be exposed to the kind of double-your-money opportunities that we look for at Real Estate Trend Alert.

I've been seeking opportunities in this little South American safe haven since the earliest days of RETA. And this latest deal I've secured is one you don't want to miss.

For a limited time, you can own an ocean-view, walk-to-the-beach lot in an exclusive up-and-coming coastal region that's being called the "Hamptons of South America"...from just $664 a month.

Our opportunity is in Rocha, a region known for its unspoiled cream-colored beaches and quiet interior of lagoons, pampas, forest, and farmland.

Rocha is not a place of sprawling residential communities, big shopping malls, or looming condo towers. It's an unspoiled escape.

It's the polar opposite of busy Punta del Este, the major resort destination about 1.5 hours' drive to the west that has long catered to the world's rich and famous but also draws huge crowds of everyday folks who want to be close to them.

In high season, Punta's population swells from less than 10,000 to around 400,000.

That's why many of the jet-set crowd are heading to Rocha—it's an idyllic, under-the-radar escape.

Rocha, known for tiny beach towns and sleepy fishing villages, is squarely on the Path of Progress heading east out of Punta. And, as a result, is in the midst of a major transformation that I've been tracking since 2007.

Rocha is laidback and low-key and drawing increasing amounts of visitors seeking to get away from the crowds in Punta del Este.
Rocha is laidback and low-key and drawing increasing amounts of visitors seeking to get away from the crowds in Punta del Este.

Our lots, starting from just $664 a month (with the interest-free financing I've negotiated with the developer), are steps from the beach in the emerging vacation hot-spot of Rocha, on the country's Atlantic coast. As normal travel starts up again, I expect these lots to double in value in the next few years as the area continues to attract attention.

You see, Rocha has emerged as an alternative to the busy resort town of Punta del Este to the west...and, as infrastructure improvements make access easier and easier, more and more of the jet-set crowd seeking a more low-key getaway are starting to catch on to Rocha's charms: the unspoiled beaches, natural reserves, low-density development, and cute little towns.

This should drive up demand...and prices.

I struck a deal with the developer of the master-planned community where our lots are located, to offer the remaining properties for a bargain price, with discounts and interest-free financing available.

With financing, the lots we can own from just $664 a month, are fully paid for within 48 months...

We are able to get on these lots at a such bargain price because the developer bought the land in the early 1990s, before Rocha was on anybody's radar. One parcel he purchased, for example, was a potato farm. He paid $1,500 per hectare (around $607 per acre). That's a steal for land with ocean views that's a short stroll to the beach. Today, if you could find a parcel of land with these characteristics in the same area, someone looking to create a similar development would pay 10 to 15 times more.

Thanks to the growing popularity of this region with those in the know, I predict these lots will experience capital appreciation—and double in value—even if you do nothing with the land in the next few years.

If you do choose to build, you could bring in a healthy rental income due to a lack of accommodation that meets the standards of wealthy visitors. And you can always visit yourself...perhaps live in Rocha part-time or full-time.

Like I say, simply owning here is a great way to protect your wealth, the capital gains and income potential are just gravy...

RETA members can read my full report on the deal right here in their April issue. When I published that story last month, our price was $579 a month. Those lots got scooped up fast, but we still have limited inventory available from $664 a month—still an incredible deal.

Read the report and inquire about availability here.

Your Comments and Questions

Rene says: Hi. I have started following you through Instagram. I am planning to retire to Mexico soon.

Could you give me some guidance which area is most safe and beautiful?

Ronan says: Hi Rene. Mexico is a hugely diverse country. And the more I explore it the more impressed I am by just how diverse and beautiful it is. However, if safety is a primary concern, you'd do well to look to established expat communities like Los Cabos (where I'm based in the winter), the Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, or San Miguel de Allende.

These are all places I cover extensively in this e-letter, and these are also destinations where we've found some incredible RETA-only deals—with more coming soon. For instance, if you're a member, you can read about our recent opportunity in San Miguel de Allende in the Current Deals section of the website. You can also stay tuned for new deals in Tulum and Puerto Vallarta which are currently being finalized.

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