Profit by the Beach In Uruguay

For a limited time, you can own an ocean-view, walk-to-the-beach lot in an exclusive up-and-coming coastal region that's being called the "Hamptons of South America"...from just $664 a month.

Our opportunity is in a region known for its unspoiled cream-colored beaches and interior of lagoons, pampas, forest, and farmland.

Internationally, it's still under the radar, but it's quietly becoming a popular destination for South American elites looking for a low-key vacation destination.

Best of all, it's right on a Path of Progress, which has been driving growth—and prices—along this coast for decades.

This Path of Progress started in the glitzy town of Punta del Este.

Punta del Este has been growing as a tourist destination since wealthy Argentine and Uruguayan vacationers discovered this sun-drenched peninsula in the early 20th century.

Today, it's an established playground for South American elites. Every year, during high season, the population of Punta del Este swells from under 10,000 to around 400,000. The wealthy flock to the glittering beaches and to dine at waterfront restaurants. High-rollers come for the casinos and the big hotels. And the marina fills up with yachts.

The incredible success of Punta del Este caused many elites to seek more discreet and laidback destinations farther along the coast...

The wave of wealth saw real estate prices explode in places like La Barra and Jose Ignacio. And now, thanks to new multi-million-dollar infrastructure projects opening up access, the region of Rocha is seeing the same transformation.

That's where we have our latest deal...

The Path of Progress that started in Punta del Este has now reached Rocha.
The Path of Progress that started in Punta del Este has now reached Rocha.

This is an opportunity to double our money by getting in on the ground-floor and then watching as the inevitable development rolls in and pushes real estate prices up.

In the April issue of RETA, I wrote that members could own from $579 a month. But this opportunity is going fast... Available inventory is now from $664 a month, and at that we're still getting a great deal.

I predict the lots we can own from $664 a month will see capital appreciation—and double in value—even if you do nothing with the land in the next few years.

If you do choose to build, you could bring in a healthy rental income due to a lack of accommodation that meets the standards of wealthy visitors. And you can always visit yourself...perhaps live in Rocha part-time or full-time.

And with financing, these lots are fully paid for within 48 months...

RETA members can get my full report in their April issue, here.

My senior researcher, Margaret Summerfield, is a big fan of Uruguay's Atlantic Coast. She's traveled the Path of Progress and visited each of the beach towns along the way.

One town has stood out to her however...

A beach town that's right on the doorstep of our incredible RETA deal.

Read on...

My Favorite Beach Town in Uruguay

By Margaret Summerfield

In 2008, I went on my first scouting trip to Uruguay.

I based myself in the capital city, Montevideo. From there, I headed west along the coast to the colonial town of Colonia del Sacramento. And then east to the province of Rocha, almost to the border with Brazil.

Uruguay charmed me. Its formal Old World manners...the Italian and Spanish influences in its cuisine...the attitude of getting things done but setting time aside for family and friends.

Two places on the trip really stood out: Punta del Este and La Pedrera. And one became my favorite beach town in Uruguay.

Punta del Este is a beach city a couple of hours from Montevideo. Punta is often compared to Cannes or St. Tropez. It boasts long stretches of sandy beach, chic dining spots, and luxury hotels.

Punta sits on a narrow peninsula with beaches on both sides. The Playa Mansa side has calm waters, a contrast to Playa Brava's wild surfer waves. At weekends, the beaches get busy with people sunbathing, swimming, playing volleyball, and picnicking. On the little streets around the beaches and marina you'll come across street-side cafes, gourmet restaurants, and boutique stores.

Punta's population explodes in the summer season, when Latin America's rich flood the city.
Punta's population explodes in the summer season, when Latin America's rich flood the city.

Punta's tiny population explodes in the summer season when actors, supermodels, business tycoons, and royalty come to party, play polo, and mingle. You'll hear the roar of supercars on the street, see cameras flashing when someone famous goes by, and hear accents from around the globe.

Of course, not everyone wants to live or stay in the heart of this summer craziness. In the 1970s, the discreet wealthy started to buy in Jose Ignacio, a small fishing village close to Punta. Today, it's a mini-Hamptons, with clapboard houses in pale shades of grey, green, and blue, and a long beach backed by sand dunes.

The vibe is best described as shabby chic. Everyone dresses down. Restaurants are casual. But don't let that fool you. Stores sell expensive antiques and the restaurants serve up dishes at prices that wouldn't look out of place in upscale Manhattan. This is a super expensive locale, where homes run into the millions of dollars, and a lot with a view of the ocean can set you back $250,000.

Past Jose Ignacio, the coastline is much less developed. Once you reach the province of Rocha, it's pretty much rural. Lots of farmland, barns with red roofs, cattle and horses, and farmers on horseback. And, Laguna de Rocha, a huge biosphere that's home to otters, foxes, and flamingos.

There's a little beach town in Rocha called La Pedrera. It's more of a village, with only a few hundred people that live there all year. It straggles away from a long sweep of beach. There's nothing master planned or cookie cutter about it. It's a random mix of rustic cottages, nice second homes, and eateries. In recent years, a couple of upscale boutique hotels have opened. The roads are bumpy and patchy, sandy tracks in some areas. There are sand dunes and pine forests, and lots of the great outdoors to explore and enjoy.


The latest RETA opportunity is just 15 minutes from La Pedrera. Find out more about how you can own here from just $664 a month—details here.

It's a wonderfully relaxed escape. I stayed there on my first trip and it's now a favorite, a must-stay on every repeat trip. It's not fancy or pretentious. You hang out on the beach, surfing or swimming...hike the biosphere...hop over to the neighboring town of La Paloma if you need to go to the bank or the supermarket—or for a change of scene for lunch or dinner. After a week or two, you feel renewed, recharged, ready to face the world again.

The pace heats up in La Pedrera for the short summer season, especially at weekends. Lots of folks from other parts of Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, and farther afield travel to the town to surf, relax, and even get married.

This slice of coast is becoming more popular as a second-home destination, too. The current president of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, is reportedly building a vacation home on La Serena beach.


Ronan says: Indeed, the lots we can own from $664 a month are just back from La Serena beach, so you'll be in good company.

They're also just 15 minutes from the beach town of La Pedrera.

I expect these lots to be worth double in a few years, once the world has fully recovered from the pandemic crisis.

But to be clear, I view this primarily as a buy-and-hold play. You just wait for the land to appreciate...and then sell to a member of the wealthy elite ready to build their own beach house in the next must-visit stop on the jet-set trail. Or pass it on to your children as a legacy ever-growing nest-egg for them and even their grandchildren.

Or you could buy and build an attractive villa by the beach to live in full or part time...or rent out and make a bundle in high season. This sweet rental kicker could bring you in the neighborhood of $1,500 a week. Homes in nearby Jose Ignacio can command $20,000 or more during the 10 days around Christmas and New Year's.

But like I say, thanks to growing popularity of this region with those in the know, I predict these lots will experience capital appreciation even if you do nothing with the land.

Members can get my full report in their April issue

Your Comments and Questions

Cara says: Hi Ronan, I always enjoy your articles and vast info.

I want to retire in an affordable but safe part of Latin America with beaches and warm weather and great access to healthcare and affordable real estate by the ocean—or at least ocean views. I am from CA. Outside of Mexico, I am considering Nicaragua, but I need more info about safety and healthcare.

I know touristic parts of South America are pretty much out of reach for affordability like Cabo, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, Tulum.

What do you think of retirement in Nicaragua?

Ronan says: Hi Cara. Considering your requirements, the first place that jumps to mind is San Juan del Sur.

San Juan is a funky Pacific beach town just north of the Costa Rica border that grew into an expat destination due to its popularity with surfers and its low cost of living.

It featured as a destination in a recent issue of Dream Home Digest, so if you're a RETA member, you can have a look at some available ocean-view properties in San Juan here.

Of course my focus is on real estate, so if you want the get a good overview of the retirement prosects of Nicaragua I'd suggest checking out International Living's page on this topic.

As for Mexico, don't rule it out. Sure, the towns you mention have become more expensive, but that's partially a measure of their success. And with exclusive RETA discounts in places like Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum, we can own properties for well below what regular retail buyers pay.

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