Video: Single and Living in Panama with a Life-First Outlook

Welcome back to ILTV! On today’s episode, host Lynn Ferrari chats with Jessica Ramesch, a single woman living her best life in Panama.

Jessica has some history with Panama, she lived there as a child before her family moved to the U.S. But Panama always called her back.

After working on cruise ships for many years, Jessica decided to create the life she craved. She wanted to live in a place with good weather, where she could be close to the sea, the mountains, cosmopolitan city… and finally, do what she always wanted to do and write for a living.

People often stay at a job because it pays the bills or looks good on paper. But Jessica decided she wanted more. It was a risky move but it paid off.

After spending several years living in Panama City, Jessica recently relocated to the coastal location of Coronado. She is now the proud owner of a stunning apartment, that sits on a golf course with sea views.

Jessica knows the meaning of life first.

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