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If you've watched the news lately, you know that the real estate market in the U.S. has gone crazy. It's the same around the world...

Folks are throwing cash at anything with four walls and a running water just to secure a property in a skyrocketing market.

But not members of Real Estate Trend Alert...

Because where others are acting out of uncertainty...we're playing the opportunity.

And thanks to this hugely popular limited-time offer, more folks than ever are joining.

The pandemic and the global reaction to it is turbo-charging the trends that fuel our profits. Remote work and changes in how people vacation means millions more people are heading to the core internationalized places we're so well connected in...places where we can buy ahead of growth thanks to our insider connections and our incredible group buying power.

And with the deals I have in the works for RETA in the next several months, we'll be able to capitalize on those trends by parlaying our group buying power into even bigger discounts...on incredible places where demand is surging.

Places where we can benefit from capital appreciation, rental income, or both...

And we have a lot to look forward to, as I explain in this video:



As real estate investors, we have a very rare and special moment...

With travel restricted in many places buyers have been thin on the ground. Amid the uncertainty anxious developers are even more willing to meet our RETA requirements.

We're leveraging all this into killer deals...

In 2021, we've already seen bigger discounts, and opportunities for bigger returns. And the deals we have coming down the track, this is shaping up to be RETA's strongest year yet.

  • Just next week I'm bringing members discounts in the range of $50,000 to $60,000 on luxury condos in the hottest area of Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya. This is from one of the region's strongest and biggest developers who has already completed projects with the same concept—and has seen the highest occupancy rates in town.

  • On the northern coast of the Yucatan, on Mexico's Caribbean, we're narrowing in on a deal in a community that has long been a haven for wealthy Mexicans and sun-seeking expats. Our deal will be in a one-of-a-kind, landmark project: full-service marina, water-view luxury condos, a private beach, restaurants, and shops...and just 20 minutes from a stunning colonial city.

  • In Europe, I'm working on a new deal in Spain on the Costa del Sol where we are working with a developer that has taken over distressed property just now emerging from the 2009 crisis to secure units at 50% discounts. These opportunities are becoming scarce...this might be the last one.

  • I've got new deals in the pipeline on the Algarve in Portugal, one of Europe's premier vacation destinations. The first opportunity is an area totally new to RETA, on the edge of a historic town and close the beach—and will be available at a very low entry point. Even better, foreign buyers can get mortgages in Portugal, starting from rates of just 0.5%.

  • We'll have the opportunity to lock down ocean-view lots at discounts of $40,000 to $50,000 in Costa Rica's idyllic Southern Zone. These properties are backed by the soaring Talamanca Mountains and surrounded by pristine, wildlife-filled rainforest. In a region where developable land is scarce, properties like these have the potential to appreciate rapidly.

You often have the beach to yourself in Costa Rica's Southern Zone—and the sunsets are unforgettable.
You often have the beach to yourself in Costa Rica's Southern Zone—and the sunsets are unforgettable.

  • Finally, we'll have what I think will be our best Tulum deal yet. Not just luxury condos starting under $200,000, but planned amenities like a rooftop infinity pool—with views across a national park to the membership to my favorite beach space... Whether you want the Tulum lifestyle for yourself or supercharged rental income, there's no community like it in town at any price point, let alone under $200,000.

Complimentary membership at this Tulum beach club will include free shuttle rides from your condo.
Complimentary membership at this Tulum beach club will include free shuttle rides from your condo.

On top of all this, my team and I will be putting boots on the ground throughout Europe in search of bargain real estate, bringing you the best of Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, and Ireland...

I'm also excited to see what we dig up in Mexico and a little-known Caribbean haven that's benefited greatly from a Path of Progress in recent years.

As a reader of Your Overseas Dream Home, you've caught glimpses of the incredible deals RETA members have had. You'll read about the savings, the discounts, and the gains.

Now is the moment to lock in your membership and never miss out on a deal again.

Whether you’re already a RETA member or not, this is an opportunity to guarantee your insider status for life, at the best value I’ve ever offered.

However, it’s only on the table for another 24 hours.

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Your Comments and Questions

Dwayne says: Hello, I just had one quick question. What type of loan do you get when trying to finance these homes? Or are these listing cash offers only?

Ronan says: Hi Dwayne, your options depend on the type of deal you're interested in and where it is. For instance, in Europe I'd suggest bank financing, as right now even non-residents can borrow at incredibly low rates—sub 1% in some cases.

For the special off-market deals I bring to members of my Real Estate Trend Alert, I negotiate exclusive developer financing. This is very beneficial in Latin America, where getting bank financing is very difficult for foreigners.

As the name suggests, developer financing is where a developer finances a piece of the real estate you buy from him—he's the bank.

With the deals I make exclusively for RETA members, I negotiate with developers to secure developer finance...often at interest rates far below what other foreign buyers or even locals will pay on a mortgage. And RETA members are usually pre-approved, making it a very straightforward option.

Again, it's another great benefit of RETA membership—which you can secure today, for life, at the best value I've ever offered.

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In Bolognano, you're surrounded by mountain hiking trails. The valley of the Orta river is full of Neolithic caves to explore. Rome is just an hour's drive away. And you're also just a 30 from the popular beaches at Pescara.

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Remember, we don't make money from any listing shared here in the Your Daily Dream Home section. We have no dog in the fight. We're just sharing cool properties we've found.

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