“Where should we retire in the Ecuador Highlands?”

My wife and I have a pension of $1,400 and some savings. We are looking to retire in cooler highlands but also want to be within a couple hours away by bus to a nice beach area. Wish to rent not buy a house (with a garden) close to a mid size town. No kids. Also I am an English teacher – can I find work in an University or other – over the age of 65 in Ecuador?

Suzan Haskins – Ecuador Correspondent

Suzan HaskinsHi John,

If you want to live in the highlands and find work, you’ll probably want to be in Quito or Cuenca. You’ll be about 5 hours from the beach in Cuenca, a bit more in Quito. If you choose Quito, you might want to look at the outlying valley communities of Cumbaya or Tumbaco. That’s where the major universities and bilingual schools are. I’d suggest you Google these and then go to their individual websites to see if they have any openings. I don’t know if they have age limits or requirements. Be aware that salaries will not be in line with North American salaries. The other thing you might do is offer your services as a private tutor to students or executives. Best of luck to you!

The weather in Ecuador is fabulous. However, I say that as someone from the midwestern US who is used to icy cold winters. Some people who live in the highlands of Ecuador find it too cold. Loja will be warmer than Cuenca, though, so that may be a better fit for you. Rents will be lower in Loja, too, and there is a university there that hires the occasional English-speaking teacher.

The people of Ecuador are warm and welcoming and the cost of living here is low, that’s true. I’d suggest that before you make any decision, you come take a look to be sure you will be happy here.

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