A Literal “Road to Riches” in Tulum?

Cars, trucks, and scooters whiz by, forcing me to duck away from the trail of dust thrown into the air.

I'm here next to the newest road in Tulum.

For passing vehicles, this road is now the fastest route to one of the most stunning beaches in the world...

But for RETA members, this new road is so much more...

It's a massive game-changer...

The next phase in a Path of Progress that's set to supercharge potential gains. And with our RETA deal in Natal, we're already way out ahead.

Here's why...

For many years, there was only one road leading to Tulum's stunning beach, which is several miles from the main town. And while Tulum has grown in magnitudes, attracting millions of visitors each year, the capacity of the road has been twiddling. On weekends and holidays, traffic backs up for miles.

But now, a new access to the beach has opened up. In a moment, I'll show you that road myself in a short video.

It starts on the south side of town, branching off Tulum's main drag (and the Riviera Maya's main north-south highway) towards the white-sand beach and the Caribbean...right past Natal, a community where RETA members had the chance to own two-bed, two-bath condos from $143,000 in October of last year.

At the time of launch, I figured these will be worth $190,000 three years after delivery. Now, with this new road bringing Natal within such easy reach of the beach, that estimate looks conservative. The gates have been flung open (literally, as you'll see in the video below), and you can get all the way to Tulum's famed beach road in a matter of minutes.

This is a game-changer for communities in this area. And Natal, located just off this road, is in prime position to benefit. By that, I'm talking stronger capital appreciation...and stronger rental yields.

Just a few minutes' drive down this new road, you'll find the perfect sugar-soft sands, sparkling cobalt water, and tall palm trees that lean lazily towards the frothy surf of Tulum beach. It's said to be one of the most "Instagram-able" places on earth.

Celebrities come to stage paparazzi photo shoots... Fashionistas parade the beaches displaying their latest styles, hoping to be discovered... And Instagram models tantalize their fans with well-orchestrated bikini shots.

As for me: Right now, my camera is pointed at this, decidedly unsexy, stretch of road...

If the road looks bumpy that's because this area of Tulum is growing fast. The surfaced road won't be put in until the construction traffic has reduced.It looks ordinary but this road is the big news for those in the know on the Riviera Maya right now.To understand why, we need to take a look at the bigger picture.The Path of Progress that started in Cancun has rolled into Tulum. And this is where it comes to the end of the line. In the late 1960s Cancun was a coconut plantation. In 1974 its airport opened. Last year, Cancun Airport's four terminals saw 25.4 million passengers. It's the gateway to the Riviera Maya.About 50 minutes south of Cancun, the fishing village of Playa del Carmen has become a sophisticated beachside city with over 200,000 residents and millions of visitors...it has large malls, an international dining scene, box stores, and a very international community. In a city so new, everyone is from somewhere else. English is spoken everywhere.This has happened so fast it's mind blowing. In 2007 Playa del Carmen was reportedly the world's fastest-growing city...today I think that title could easily go to Tulum.

This time-lapse of Google's satellite image shows just how quickly Tulum has grown in the space of two decades. Maps data: Google, ©2021 INEGI.
This time-lapse of Google's satellite image shows just how quickly Tulum has grown in the space of two decades. Maps data: Google, ©2021 INEGI.

And Tulum is the end of the line for this Path of Progress. To the south is the Sian Ka'an Biosphere—over a thousand square miles of UNESCO-protected wildlife-rich wetlands, shimmering lagoons, and deserted Caribbean beaches. To the north are the stunning beachfront archaeological ruins.You can't build near the archaeological ruins nor can you build in the biosphere. Because of these limitations on development, access has become incredibly important in Tulum.The general view was that Tulum beach needed another access road to relieve traffic, and the only contender was Avenida Kukulkan (the road in the video above).RETA members who got in our RETA-only Natal deal will recognize the name...

When I launched our Natal deal last year, I explained that we shouldn't buy on the basis that this road will open. For the simple reason that we didn't need to. Natal was already in the prime location of La Veleta, which is on a trajectory as the high-end commercial area of Tulum. On top of that, we had an incredibly low RETA-only price of just $143,000 for a two-bed, two-bath condo. I figured these will be worth $190,000 three years after delivery.

Now, with Avenida Kukulkan reaching all the way to the coast, it puts our condos within easy reach of one of the most desirable beaches in the world, adding fuel to the already booming rental demand.

As I was told recently by a contact here: "Monthly, short term, everything is up in Tulum. Longer-term rentals are in high demand." One of the few available listings I came across was a one-bedroom condo in La Veleta for $1,685. A two-bedroom condo, like what members locked down in Natal, will run you $1,750 to $2,000 per month.

In La Veleta, an ordinary one-bedroom condo rents for $1,685 a month.
In La Veleta, an ordinary one-bedroom condo rents for $1,685 a month.

Like I say, I expect rentals in La Veleta to be even more in demand as the new beach access becomes widely known. And that means RETA members who invested in Natal could stand to see profits boom as the Riviera Maya's mammoth Path of Progress takes a new leap forward.

If you're a RETA member, you can get my report on Natal and inquire about availability here.

Your Comments and Questions

Kevin says: Hi Ronan, I really enjoy your videos and newsletters. I'm thinking that a two-bedroom condo in the tropics. North or south of Puerto Vallarta is currently our preferred locale in Mexico. Any ideas for us?

Ronan says: I've just got back from a scouting trip to Puerto Vallarta. From my base above the Zona Romatica in the town of Puerto Vallarta, I scouted north and south. I expect to have a RETA members-only deal in there in the next two to three months. And I'm working on opportunities around Puerto Vallarta, it will be more like six to12 months before they materialise. If you don't want to wait and are willing to pay retail...(maybe $50,000 to $79,000 more than our members-only pricing) I'd suggest visiting, pick you preferred neighbourhood, and visit as many listings as possible. Profile yourself, narrow down your exact criteria, then make offers...

Maggie says: Do you have any deals like the one you spoke about yesterday [Tao Tulum]. Unfortunately, my son got laid off at Disney. Thank god now he is back to work and we are interested in a two-bedroom condo for $154,000. Please, if you have any deal like this one let me know.

Ronan says: Hi Maggie. We don't have any condos left at RETA pricing in Tao Tulum. However, you can check availability at Natal. Just follow through to the report here. You'll find everything you need inside.

Remember, we also have a new deal in the works in Tulum. These will be some of the closest condos to Tulum's incredible white-sand beach. The community will have a beach club and shuttle from the community to both the beach club and Tulum town. It will also have a rooftop terrace with infinity pool overlooking the national park and with views to the Caribbean. Like Tao and Natal, I expect our entry price will be sub $200,000.

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