A Slow-Paced Life With All of Life’s Conveniences on Costa Rica’s Coast

New Jersey retirees David and Cathy Weed say they have found the perfect combination of slower paced, tropical life and convenience in Playa Langosta, the close neighbor of the popular beach town of Tamarindo on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

“Before retirement we had spent a great deal of time traveling all over Mexico and throughout all of the Caribbean islands,” explains David.

“Our first trip to Costa Rica about six years ago was somewhat random, but we rented a condo in Tamarindo and noticed right away the distinct friendliness of the Costa Rican people which was what ended up drawing us back.”

About a year later they returned for a three-month stay. The third time they visited they ended up staying for seven months and today the David and Cathy are happy to call Langosta home. “We feel very content here and there’s something to be said for being able to wake up every single day to the sun shining,” says David.

Proximity to the ocean, the climate, and pleasant people were all key factors in their decision to make a full-time move, but David and Cathy say there’s something else specific about the location they chose that sealed the deal.

“We like that there are dirt roads and no giant shopping centers or malls around,” said Cathy. “It kind of forces to you slow down and enjoy time to just relax.” Cathy says that when those big-city elements don’t exist, you no longer feel that obligation to fill your days with errands to run.

Expats in Langosta enjoy a quiet, secluded lifestyle, while still remaining close to modern conveniences.
Expats in Langosta enjoy a quiet, secluded lifestyle, while still remaining close to modern conveniences.

At the same time though, the Weeds recognized a certain level of comfort and convenience was important to them. “We like that there’s a lively downtown area just down the road in Tamarindo so that we can go have drinks with friends or entertain when people come to visit,” says Cathy. “We also have access to a variety of different cuisines if we feel like going out for dinner.”

With a car, Tamarindo and Langosta are conveniently located. “If you need to go to a bigger store for something specific, or the hospital for any reason, or the airport, while those things aren’t right in town, they are convenient enough to make you feel comfortable,” Cathy explains.

The Weeds also found housing to be a benefit of this area. “Some people are drawn to Costa Rica for the opportunity to live really simply and sort of off-the-grid, which is definitely possible,” explains David. “But we were looking for something a bit more familiar and we were really happy with the housing options in Langosta. We don’t live a lavish life, but we found a place where we’re very comfortable.

Their two-bedroom, two-bathroom, ocean-view condo is about a five-minute walk from the beach and came fully furnished, featuring North American style finishes and appliances. Rent is under $1,000 a month.

“Life here is easy. We no longer have the need to fit any particular identity and we’ve been able to shed that guilt we often felt in the States for just enjoying our time, relaxing, and going about each day exactly how we want. And if we need to get something done, we don’t have that sort of ‘stranded on an island’ feeling…we do have access to the conveniences we need,” says Cathy.

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