How a Canadian Found his Best Life in Bucerías, Mexico

When Alan Caplan first visited the Pacific coast beach town of Bucerías, Mexico, in 1992, it was a sleepy, quiet seaside village. He and his late wife Lynn fell in love with the beautiful beaches, the warm and friendly locals, and the laidback energy. Twenty-six years later, while Bucerías has changed, his love for it has not.

After that first visit, Alan and Lynn bought a condo to escape the winters of their home in Edmonton, Alberta. After growing tired of condo politics, they invested in a freestanding casita on the beach, where they spent winters for the next decade. After Alan’s retirement from financial planning in 2008, they bought a larger home and began spending more and more time every year in Bucerías. They built a network of friends, became involved in local organizations, and enjoyed the slower pace of life.

“When we first came to Bucerías it was a quaint village. It’s grown so much since then, but I love it even more. There are now great restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries; businesses are booming, which makes everyone happy. The locals are so welcoming. I learned to speak Spanish and I’ve been embraced here in ways I never imagined. I’m an honorary ‘abuelito’ to my friends’ grandchildren, and that means so much to me,” Alan explains.

After Lynn’s death in 2016 and Alan’s diagnosis with cancer, Alan was left wondering what he should do with their Bucerías home. It didn’t take long for him to realize that his best life was lived in Bucerías. He went through cancer treatment and came out the other side, in full remission. Once he was cleared by his Canadian oncologist, Alan flew back to Bucerías to begin renovating his home for full-time retirement.

Alan describes his life in Bucerías as active and social. “I take walks and almost always run into someone I know and end up talking. I love to exercise, so I swim laps a few times a week at a local outdoor pool. I have a great group of friends and get together often. We rotate homes for dinner parties, volunteer at local organizations, and meet up for coffee,” says Alan.

Development in Bucerías is booming. New restaurants, hotels, and condo communities are being built every year. You can still find great deals, though. A three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom modern townhome, with a small pool and a rooftop deck with ocean views is listed for $275,000. A spacious two-bedroom, two-bathroom oceanfront condo is listed for $389,000.

“Life here is simple. I have time to putter around my house and garden. I cook, I eat at amazing restaurants, and I take beach walks. My friends, they’re all happy too, so we don’t sit around complaining about aches and pains. We laugh and have fun, and enjoy life. Positivity keeps us all young. Bucerías is a great place to live. Even with all the development, it has maintained a warm, laidback atmosphere,” says Alan.

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