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The Mediterranean Sea, a warm and sunny climate, a peaceful lifestyle waiting to be lived…where are we talking about?

The answer might surprise you…it's Malta.

Anchored almost in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, 60 miles from the Italian island of Sicily, Malta isn’t a mainstream destination for North American tourists.

For discerning travelers with a love of culture, history, and excellent weather, that’s good news. It’s a treat to come across places that haven’t had all the charm and identity crushed out of them by the hoards of visitors who have landed on their shores.

The big question is, what can this island offer you as a prospective resident? Well, how about a tranquil way of life and virtually non-existent crime? Year-round Mediterranean sunshine?The opportunity to benefit from a considerable reduction in your tax burden?

These are just some of the advantages to living in the Republic of Malta. What’s more, you will not have to learn a foreign language. Everybody on the islands speaks English as a second language.

See the slideshow below to discover the best of Mediterranean Malta.

If you love culture, history, and excellent weather you'll love living in Malta

Climate in Malta

Cost of Living in Malta