Cost of Living in Malta

When it comes to living in Europe, Malta is one of the more affordable places you can hang your hat. You’ll spend a little bit more on things like bottled water (Malta’s water is safe to drink, but the taste is not that good, so everyone buys bottled or filters their water), but otherwise the cost of living in Malta is comparable to, or lower than, other European countries.

Cost of living will vary depending on where you want to live and your lifestyle, but in general expenses here run low. The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom property in the Valletta area is $600, full-day bus tickets cost less than $2 each (and 30-day bus tickets cost 26 euros), and a nice, sit-down dinner in a restaurant runs about $25 to $35 per person.

Groceries—even from organic or health food stores—cost less than $500 per month according to one self-described health-conscious couple living in Sliema. For senior residents, things are even more affordable, with 50-cent all-day bus passes and free ferry rides.

And for those who’d like to buy property, purchase prices tend to run reasonable, too. One beautiful old stone farmhouse on Gozo (the second largest of the Maltese islands) with three en-suite bedrooms, two storage rooms (both large enough to be used as bedrooms), a private pool, and a walled courtyard—perfect for a B&B or a family home—is listed for $387,000. And, of course, smaller properties cost less.