7 Incredible Day Trips From Your Marina Condo

Our first-ever deal around Mérida opens soon…

It's a one-off...a chance to get your piece of "boat on the doorstep" luxury right on the ocean.

These are all water-view condos, and you're just a short drive to one of the world's most beautiful colonial cities.

Undoubtedly, the spacious two-bed, two-bath condos I've handpicked for RETA will go fast...

Here's why:

  • Our RETA discount is $52,313...that's just shy of 25% off. With our huge discount, our RETA-only price is from just $209,800.

  • Five years after delivery I reckon these condos will be worth $380,000. (Delivery is slated for summer 2024.)

  • We're tapping into two rental high seasons—snowbirds flock here in winter and well-to-do locals come in summer.

  • You'll own in the best community for rentals...and own the very best condos in this landmark marina project...

  • I've handpicked the absolute best condo type to maximize rental income and appreciation potential.

  • Potential rental income of $22,800 once the community is up and running. That's a gross yield of nearly 11%. Plus, onsite rental management is planned, making this a hassle-free opportunity to own the ultimate part-time base or hands-off investment, whichever you like.

  • The planned amenities are incredible, a private beach, spa, beach club, sailing academy, gourmet food market, stylish restaurants, bars, stores...

As we're just a few hours away from this historic RETA-only deal launch, I want to take a moment to give you a taste of what's on your doorstep in the northern Yucatán.

From Mérida and Progreso there are countless day trips to enjoy. You'll discover an abundance of white-sand beaches, Mayan ruins, colonial cities, caves and cenotes, and natural reserves, all scattered within just a short drive of our opportunity.

Here are seven day trips that top my list:

The Chichen Itza Ruins


This UNESCO world heritage site is a centerpiece of the Mayan archaeological scene in Mexico, and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

The site covers two square miles of exposed archaeology and impressive stone buildings, surrounded by dense forest.

It gets around 1.4 million visitors a year. But if you get there when the gates open at 8 a.m. you'll have the entire site to yourself—as you've a much shorter way to travel than the tourist buses from Cancun.

The Mayan ruins of Uxmal are also within easy reach of Mérida—as are the much less visited Mayapan ruins, the Ruta Puuc ruins, Dzibilchaltun, Oxkintok, and Xcambo.

Visit Cenotes


Cenote Kankirixche is a blue-water cenote located about 50 minutes' drive south of Mérida.

A quintessential and very unique experience in the Yucatan is visiting one of the many cenotes throughout the peninsula.

A cenote is essentially a cave or sinkhole filled with fresh water resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock.

Cenotes played significant role for the Mayans because they were the only source of fresh water in the region, and subsequently they became integral to their spiritual beliefs.

Taking a dip in these natural underground swimming holes can be an otherworldly and refreshing experience. There are around 2,000 different cenotes across the Yucatan. And plenty to visit within a short distance of our opportunity.

El Corchito Ecological Reserve


Right across the lagoon from Progreso, is El Corchito, an eco-reserve of mangroves and jungle.

You can expect to see plenty of raccoons, coatis, and fresh-water turtles. There are also three exposed cenotes at El Corchito you can swim in. If the beach in Progreso gets too hot or windy, El Corchito offers a pleasant alternative.

Izamal: The Yellow City


Izamal is one Mexico's "Pueblos Mágicos" (or "Magical Towns"). Built on a series of hills that once housed Mayan pyramids, this colonial town is famous for its obsession with a single color.

Nicknamed "La Ciudad Amarilla" (or "The Yellow City"), almost every major expanse of wall and building facade in Izamal is painted a deep golden yellow.

The practice isn't even that old. It began in 1993 to honor a special papal visit from John Paul II, and they've kept it up ever since.

Step Back in Time at a Hacienda


The Yaxcopoil Hacienda dates back to the 1600s and its Mayan name translates to "place of the green Alamo trees."

Yaxcopoil was considered to be one of the most important haciendas near Mérida, for both its cattle ranches and its henequen production. Today, the descendants of its past owners have kept it well preserved and open to visitors.

The UNESCO Walled City of Campeche


Campeche is a stunning seaside city with colorful architecture and fascinating history. Only about a two-hour drive from Mérida, the historic city is a designated UNESCO heritage site, surrounded by a two-mile wall that was built in the 1600s to protect the city from invading pirates.

You can wander the colorful buildings throughout the walled city, explore some of the fort's bastions (or baluartes)—which have now been turned into museums and gardens—walk the malecón, or indulge in the city's rich seafood traditions.

The Ría Celestun Biosphere Reserve


Head west of Mérida and you'll find the sleepy fishing town of Celestun and the Ría Celestun Biosphere Reserve. This is where you can find thousands of wild flamingos that flock here in the winter months and into the spring.

This is just a selection of your options for day trips from your marina resort. Places you can go explore for a few hours before retreating back to your spacious condo terrace overlooking the water for a sundowner.

Like I say, with a condo in this self-contained high-end beach and marina community, you never really have to leave...planned amenities range from a private beach to a sailing academy rooftop pool, gourmet food market...

Shortly., you can lock down your own part of it, with a whopping $52,313 RETA-only discount.

Members, stay tuned...

Your Comments and Questions

Karl says: Hello, can you share details on financing options for the marina condos?

Ronan says: Hi Karl. Developer financing is being offered by the developer exclusively for RETA members. This is a huge benefit as it's extremely difficult for foreigners to secure financing in Mexico. This type of arrangement is not offered to retail buyers—only to RETA members.

Here are the details on this developer financing: 50% of the price of the condo is to be paid in full by time of delivery. You can finance the remaining 50% over five years.

Matt asks: Do we have an idea when these condos will be delivered? Like completion date?

Ronan says: Hi Matt. Delivery is slated for summer 2024.

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