Cahuita, Costa Rica – A Laid-Back Caribbean Beach Town

The fishing village of Cahuita on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast is popular with backpackers and eco-tourists thanks to a national park that protects a large swath of jungle and beach. There’s also a charming “downtown” area of brightly-painted buildings containing restaurants specializing in Caribbean cuisine, boutiques, and budget hotels.

My Real Estate Journey: Creating Our Perfect Paradise in Costa Rica

Having spent three years of repeated trips, visiting, searching, and investigating all the areas of Costa Rica, we now live in the mountains of central Costa Rica. Our friends thought we were crazy for moving to Costa Rica, but more about that later. Buying real estate in Costa Rica is a very easy process, and anyone can do it...

Move to Costa Rica

Why would you want to move to Costa Rica? As thousands of expats will tell you, Costa Rica offers a fantastic lifestyle at a reasonable cost. Not to mention that Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a modern capital city, long stretches of deserted tropical beaches, cool mountain getaways, and pristine lake regions.