Laidback Living and Golden Sands on Nicaragua’s Pacific

It may well be the best little beach town in the world... With 22 beaches for you to enjoy and a surge in foreign residents and travelers, San Juan del Sur, on Nicaragua's southern Pacific coast, is perfect for any lover of ocean views, warm waters, and fun in the sun. After eight years of living here full-time, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Even if I'm away for only a few days, I find myself missing it. Many people come here to visit and end up staying or going home to plan their permanent return.

Move to Nicaragua

The thought of moving to Nicaragua may seem absolutely crazy to many people. However, thousands of foreigners have already made the decision of moving to Nicaragua and now call this Central American gem home. Why? They are driven by the tremendous real estate investment opportunities, low property taxes, and the affordability of living in Nicaragua.

Travel to Nicaragua

There is a wealth of amazing sites and activities awaiting those who come to travel in Nicaragua. This Latin American gem, which is slightly smaller than the state of New York, is the largest of the Central American republics and boasts a wonderfully diverse landscape dotted with volcanoes and freshwater lakes. Nicaragua is flanked on its sides by the warm, blue Caribbean waters to the east and the striking Atlantic-made cliffs to the west.

Nicaragua Real Estate

It doesn't demand much imagination to realize where the Nicaragua real estate market is headed. The real estate boom in Nicaragua is similar to what took place in Costa Rica in the 1980s, where people took advantage of an unknown, misunderstood country with a vibrant culture, spectacular landscape, and friendly people, to own a property in paradise for both pleasure and profit.