A Relaxing Day on Las Lajas Beach, Panama

Las Lajas is the favored beach among expats in Chiriquí. An easy one-hour drive from David going east on the Interamerican highway brings you to the San Felix intersection. Here you turn right and head towards the ocean. Thirty minutes more and you will find the two-lane road ends at the shore. The small village seems abandoned as you drive along the rough road.

Panama’s Canal Expansion and its Effects on the Nation

Panama’s culture has been molded in great part by the Panama Canal. Attempts to build the waterway brought French and American citizens here. The country, once a forgotten province of Gran Colombia, began to grow into an international hub. As ships from all over the world began to utilize the canal, foreign nationals began learning about and heading to Panama. Today, this tiny country is a true melting pot and has been dubbed the logistics Hub of the Americas.

The Benefits of Starting a Tourism Business in Panama

If you’re looking to retire or move abroad—but would like to find new ways to make money—you may want to consider getting involved in tourism in Panama. (And even if you’re not looking to work here, you sure can prepare to enjoy the many new and exciting offerings as a tourist in Panama.) Panama’s tourism sector is experiencing...