Brazil Facts: Some Unique and Amazing Facts about Brazil

Brazil Facts

Population: 210,541,100

Area: 3,287,612 square miles (8,514,877 square kilometers)

Capital City: Brasilia

Time Zone: UTC-3 (2 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)

Location:Brazil is in the eastern part of South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Climate: Brazil’s climate is mostly tropical, but can be temperate in south.

Currency: The legal tender is the Brazilian real. US$1 = 3.40 Brazilian real (BRL).

Language: Portuguese is the official language of Brazil and is spoken throughout the country. In areas that border other South American countries it is common to hear Spanish. German, Italian, Japanese, English, and a large number of minor Amerindian languages are also spoken in different regions.

System of Government: Brazil is a federal republic. Its government has three branches—Executive (ministers of which are appointed by the president), Legislature (composed of a 513-member Chamber of Deputies and an 81-member Senate), and Judiciary.

Head of State and Government: President Michel Miguel Elias Temer Lulia (since 31 August 2016). The president is elected directly and the presidential term lasts for four years. A president can be impeached, as was the case with President Temer’s predecessor, Dilma Vana Rousseff.

Telephone Country Code: 55

Internet Country Code: .br

Religion: The majority of Brazilians identify as Roman Catholic, at 64.6% of the population. Other forms of Catholicism make up 0.4%, while Protestant religions account for 22.2%—including Adventist (6.5%), Assembly of God (2.0%), Christian Congregation of Brazil (1.2%), Universal Kingdom of God (1.0%), and other forms of Protestantism (11.5%). Other Christian religions make up 0.7%, Spiritists account for 2.2%, while other religions come to 1.4%. People identifying as having no religion account for 8%, while 0.4% of people are unspecified.

Life Expectancy at Birth: 74.4 years (Men = 70.74, Women = 78.25)

Exports: $800 billion

Imports: $500 billion

Gross Domestic Product (Purchasing Power Parity): $3.2 trillion

GDP per Capita: $16,000

Inflation Rate: 7.27%