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Contacts in Brazil

Embassies and Consulates:

Embassy in Ottawa, 450 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, K1N 6M8; tel. (613) 237-1090 or (613) 755-5160; fax (613) 237-6144; email:

Embassy in Washington, D.C., 3006 Whitehaven St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008; tel. (202) 238-2805; fax (202) 238-2827; email:; website:

Expat Contacts:

Americans Living in Brazil is an online discussion group for those living or planning on living in Brazil, where members share their experiences and advice.

Expat Exchange is one of the most extensive expatriate sites online, providing a wealth of resources and articles, as well as a forum. The site has a few useful articles and links about Brazil.

Business and Investment:

American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil; website:

Brazil Chamber of Commerce; website: Doing business with Brazil and Brazilians, export and import to Brazil, Brazil furniture, Brazilian food, etc.


Emergency/ambulance network, country-wide: SAMU (Serviço de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência), tel. 192.


Worldmovers/Brazil; email: Member of HHGFAA and part of a network of over 870 movers worldwide providing international moving services.

Real Estate:

For more information on real estate in Brazil, see: Pathfinder International (IL’s preferred real estate advertiser).

Editor’s Note: This is just a partial list of International Living’s contacts in Brazil, provided to you free of charge.