Bahamas Fast Facts


Population: 319,031

Capital City: Nassau

Climate: Tropical marine; moderated by warm waters of Gulf Stream

Time Zone: EST (GMT-5)

Language: English (Official)

Tranquility in the Bahamas

"I sit on my sun-drenched balcony listening to the sound of the gently rolling waves of the ocean a mere 40 yards from my front door. The 80-degree weather is absolute perfection--a refreshing change from the subzero weather in my Boston habitat. The breeze gently waves the palm trees in a cheery Bahamian welcome..."

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5 Best Caribbean Islands to Live On… and 2 to Avoid

5 Best Caribbean Islands to Live On… and 2 to Avoid

Mention the word “Caribbean” and most people think of places like Aruba, the Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, and other tourist-rich dollops of sand. The region conjures well-deserved images of crystal-clear waters and white-sand beaches. And there’s no question: If you like sun and sand, these islands are great for a vacation. But move there? Most folks assume it’s just too expensive and don’t give it another thought.