Fast Facts Bahamas

Location: Situated in the Caribbean, the Bahamas is a chain of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Florida, northeast of Cuba.

Area: 5,359 square miles (13,880 square kilometers). Slightly smaller than Connecticut.

Population: 327,316

Capital: Nassau

Geography: The Bahamas consists of around 700 islands, of which 30 to 40 are inhabited. The terrain of most of the islands is either rocky or swamp mangrove, however more fertile land can be found in some of the southern islands.

Climate: The Bahamas has a tropical climate throughout, moderated by warm waters of Gulf Stream.

Currency: The legal currency of the Bahamas is the Bahamian Dollar (BSD). US$1 = BSD1 (January 2017).

Government: The Bahamas operates under a Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy. It is also part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II (since 6 February 1952); represented by Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling (since 8 July 2014). The Governor General is appointed by the presiding monarch, and shall hold the position for however long the monarch wishes—however the period normally last five years.

Head of government: Prime Minister Perry Christie (since 8 May 2012). The Prime Minister is appointed by the Governor General, and shall hold the position for however long the Governor General wishes—however the period normally last five years.

Language: English is the official language of the Bahamas; however, Creole is spoken among Haitian immigrants.

Religion: The majority of the population (69.9%) identify as some form of Protestant (this is broken down into Baptist 34.9%, Anglican 13.7%, Pentecostal 8.9% Seventh Day Adventist 4.4%, Methodist 3.6%, Church of God 1.9%, and Brethren 1.6%). This is followed by Roman Catholic (12%) and other Christian at 13% (including Jehovah’s Witness 1.1%). Other religions account for 0.6% of the population, while 1.9% of people follow no religion, leaving 2.6% unspecified.

Time Zone: UTC-5 (same time as Washington, DC during Standard Time)

International Country Code: +1

Internet Country Code: .bs

Life Expectancy at Birth: 76.1 years (Male = 72.9, Female = 79.1)

Exports: $880 million

Imports: $2.495 billion

Gross Domestic Product (Purchasing Power Parity): $9.066 billion

GDP per Capita: $24,600

Inflation Rate: 1%