Move to Croatia: Things to Consider Before Moving to Croatia

Move to Croatia

There are countless reasons why potential expats are interested in moving to Croatia, and one of the nation's primary draws is its many islands. Croatia has an incredible 1,185 islands, 66 of which are inhabited. The biggest is Krk, the longest is Hvar, the highest is Brac, and the most wooded is Mljet. Locals claim Odysseus spent seven years here. The most beautiful? Well, you'll have to make your own mind up about that.

As to what destination you should be considering for your move to Croatia, a lot depends on both your budget and your reasons for moving. If you're seeking a permanent home or a vacation property for yourself, the only real factor that comes into play is choosing the part of the country that appeals to you most.

Things to Consider Before Moving to Croatia

Customs regulations allow foreigners to import used household goods and personal effects (except for cars) duty free. The goods must have been owned by you for more than 12 months. When shipping to Croatia, you will need the following documentation:

* Passport copy with entry stamp* Certificate of residence* Work or business permit, if applicable* Inventory


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