7 Reasons why San Juan del Sur Could be Your Dream Retirement Haven

San Juan del Sur is one of the most vibrant beach towns you’ll ever see. In addition to the beautiful bay that the city sits on, there are 21 other bays in the San Juan vicinity that will delight you as much, or more. This colorful, eclectic town resonates with many and may just be the place for your dream retirement. Here are seven reasons why:

1. You can be the Person you Always Wanted to be.
Want to wear orange clothes every day? Tired of having to watch every word you say? Just want to be left alone to do your own thing? Well, in Nicaragua you can. People don’t care about social strata, age, what you do, what you look like, or who you are. They often don’t even ask. You can just be you, without trappings or façades. You’ll be free to live as you wish—it’s a liberating existence compared to home where you have to mind your p’s and q’s wherever you go.

2. You’ll Never be Stuck for Something to Eat
Over the past eight years, one restaurant after another has popped up to entice expats. For such a small town on the water, believe it or not, San Juan del Sur has over 50 restaurants. If you don’t feel like cooking, you never have to. Instead, you can enjoy Italian, Indian, Thai, sushi, Mediterranean, Canadian (poutine), North American-style burgers, German, Spanish tapas, wraps, vegetable smoothies and juices, tacos, hand-crafted donuts and beer, sandwiches, wine nights, and more.

3. There’s Always Something Fun to do.
Because of the large expat community, you’ll make friends immediately and there are tons of activities to keep you busy. Get your exercise twice a week at water aerobics at the Pelican Eyes hotel. Go to one of the gyms for a workout as an alternative. Join the women’s or men’s luncheons that meet every week to try out new restaurants. Attend book signings at El Gato Negro or meet your friends there for a great cup of coffee. Visit El Timon restaurant on Monday nights for an evening of the best old rock-n-roll you’ve heard in a long time, or go on Thursdays to see a traditional Nicaraguan folk dance show. Hang out at the local bar with your new friends, or go on a “booze cruise” or sunset sailboat ride. There’s so many activities to choose from, you won’t have time to do them all.

4. You can Live a Peaceful, Laidback Life in Nicaragua.
Imagine no rush-hour traffic—ever. Imagine never having to hurry from place to place, not worrying about your financial situation because it’s so affordable to live in San Juan del Sur, and spending all your days in a nice, warm sunny climate. This in itself is reason enough to retire to Nicaragua, but there are still more.

5. The People are World Class.
You won’t find more welcoming people than the Nicaraguans. They help you when you are in a jam, invite you to their homes to share their culture and food, and are great friends.

6. You’ll be Healthy and Happy Here.
Nicaragua doesn’t allow farmers to grow GMO food and many use herbal sprays to keep insects away. In addition, you don’t need a car in San Juan del Sur because it’s such a small town it’s just as easy to get around on foot. Swimming and surfing are big activities here as well. As are yoga, Zumba, and salsa classes. And there are gyms with weights, machines, and fitness classes. When you are retired, you have more time to try out all of these exercise activities. And when you are healthy and fit, you are happy.

7. This may be Your Bottom Line for Retiring.
Are you on a budget? Well, you can’t get any cheaper than living in a beach town for $1,500 a month. A single person can do it here on $1,200. Where else in the world can you live in paradise for so little money?

I’ve presented seven reasons why San Juan del Sur may be your dream retirement location. If I had more space, I could give you 100 more. What are you waiting for? Your retirement in the sun is just a short flight away.

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