6 Reasons Why Nicaragua is Perfect for Me

Nicaragua is not for everyone…for some it’s too hot, some are apprehensive because English is not widely spoken, and others are put off because they can’t find all the same products and conveniences they would have in the U.S.

But, for me, I found my place in the sun—my own special paradise. Nicaragua ticks all the boxes that the U.S. no longer can for me. Nicaragua couldn’t be more different to the U.S. and Canada, even if it tried. But it’s this difference that makes it better for me. Here’s why:

1. The Freedom to Live as You Want

Nicaragua allows you to live the life you want to lead, not the life that the people around you say you should have. You can play your music whenever you want and pretty much as loud as you want, or paint your oddly-shaped house with three different shades of orange. You can even open the business you always wanted to—easily and at a low cost.

2. It’s Safe

Single women have no problem crossing the country in local buses, shared taxis, or any other means of transport. The chances of being hurt by a stranger is almost zero, especially for a foreigner.

3. There’s Lots to Do at a Low Price

In Nicaragua you can have an active and outgoing lifestyle without going broke. A zumba class will only cost a dollar, yoga class for $8, salsa and merengue dance classes cost $5, and painting classes are $10.

A four-hour sunset sail and swim on a private beach on a catamaran with food and drink will only set you back $60 per person. Deep-sea fishing in a panga (large, motorized rowboat) with local fishermen is just $40 an hour.

And for some truly budget entertainment, there are plenty of free classes and events. From water aerobics, to live, local music concerts, book clubs, free samples of the latest great foods at the gringo market, and local street parties, you’ll never be stuck for something to do.

4. No Need to Keep up With the Joneses

Do you feel compelled to upgrade your kitchen because all your friends did? That doesn’t happen in Nicaragua. Expats come from all walks of life—socially, professionally, and financially—and we’re all thrown into one pot when we live abroad. It makes no difference anymore who you are, what you did, what kind of money you have…because really…no one cares. In Nicaragua you can just be yourself—the person you were meant to be. The one you couldn’t be in your home country.

5. Life is Less Complicated.

You never have to rush around in Nicaragua. Even if you are late for an important meeting, it doesn’t matter. It’s easy to open a business, and it’s simple to make new expat friends.

Living hereour only worries will be which beach out of the 22 nearby should I go to tomorrow; which of the four events I’ve been invited to tonight should I go to; what kind of fresh ocean fish (costing $3.50 a pound) should I buy for dinner; or which volunteer program should I choose to occupy my time.

6. You Can Retire Comfortably Here.

In the U.S., I would never have been able to retire. According to my financial analyst, I started saving too late to make enough money to stop working.

But in Nicaragua I have been able to live out my retirement dream. I live in a lovely two-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage on half an acre of land that comes with an ocean view. It cost me $132,000 total. My two large dogs and two cats love it here, and so do I.

These are only a few of the reasons why Nicaragua is the perfect place for me—the list is endless. So if you’re looking for a retirement haven where you can live life the way you really want to, where you can truly be yourself, and all for a low price, why not give Nicaragua a try.

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