Playa Venao, Panama

Once a well-kept secret, Playa Venao is coming into its own with a welcoming beach buzz, attracting younger expats and international visitors alike. A leisurely five-hour drive from Panama City, Playa Venao is on the southern tip of the Azuero Peninsula, 30 minutes south of bustling Pedasi, on the Pacific Ocean...

Travel in Belize

Belize is a diverse little nation, which makes travel in Belize simple and straightforward. Belize's interior hides Mayan ruins, tall waterfalls, rain forests, and rivers you can explore. Down near Sittee Point is a jaguar preserve where you can venture into the jungle in search of the elusive cats.

Healthcare in Greece

Healthcare is one of the most important factors to consider when moving to a new country and the good news is that in Greece, you’ll have several healthcare options. In my eight years of living here, I’ve had a wide range of experience, visiting both public and private medical facilities, and I’m happy to report you can get high-quality medical care in Greece.

Orvieto, Italy

Just 90 minutes north of Rome sits a stunner of a city, basking in the sun on a high panoramic bluff. Orvieto is one of Umbria’s great art cities, with a history that dates to the Etruscans and an easy-living present that is a “Cittaslow” -or “slow city”. In fact, Orvieto is the headquarters for the organization that promotes good living by slowing down, respecting, and maintaining the local identity, crafts, and culture, while cultivating a sense of community and human connection. In short, the qualities that many of us are looking for in a retirement destination...

Living in Vietnam

The hardest part about moving to Vietnam is choosing where to live. It’s one of those countries that has something for everybody. Stretching for more than 2,000 miles from north to south, and bordered the entire distance by the South China Sea, it’s the perfect country for adventurers, urban aficionados, and beach lovers.

Piriápolis, Uruguay

The coast of Uruguay is dotted with summer beach resort towns. The very first one was Piriápolis. Now, 100 years after it took hold with vacationers, Piriápolis is an old-fashioned seaside resort town with a laidback feel. It’s famous for its esplanade, a beach-side walk known in Uruguay as a rambla. Across the street from the rambla is Piriapolis’ centro (downtown). Piriápolis is the only coastal area in Uruguay with nearby hills...