Galicia, Spain

By Cila Warncke Galicians (galegos in their native tongue) call their homeland ‘terra de meigas’—land of witches. With its thick fogs, vine-tangled forests, ancient stone buildings, and howling Atlantic gales, it’s easy to see why many are ready to attribute supernatural powers to the north-west corner of Spain. My first reaction to the countryside on Read more...: Galicia, Spain

Jerez, Spain

Jerez de la Frontera lies between nine and twelve miles as the crow flies from Spain’s southern Atlantic coastline. The city of some 210,000 people is famed for sherry, horses, and flamenco. It is proud, friendly, raucous, and deeply traditional. Despite its hot climate, minimal cost of living, and good transport connections...

Sarchi, Costa Rica

In the northwest of Costa Rica’s Central Valley is the arts and crafts center town of Sarchi. There are 200 stores and family-run woodworking factories, making everything from trinkets to very high-quality furniture. Firmly planted between the neighboring towns of Naranjo to the west and Grecia to the east...

Los Barriles, Mexico

“Would you like to join us at our beach house in Mexico in November?” Being from the upper Midwest in the United States, we didn’t need to put too much thought into the decision before accepting the generous offer. The thought of escaping to warm sunshine and sandy beaches while enjoying a cold cerveza or margarita surely was preferable to November in South Dakota...

Healthcare in Greece

Healthcare is one of the most important factors to consider when moving to a new country and the good news is that in Greece, you’ll have several healthcare options. In my eight years of living here, I’ve had a wide range of experience, visiting both public and private medical facilities, and I’m happy to report you can get high-quality medical care in Greece.

Vilamoura, Portugal

Although Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe, the resort town of Vilamoura offers something much different. Here the Portuguese charm is replaced with manicured perfection that has turned it into one of the largest resort complexes in all of Europe.

Where is Greece?

Greece is famous for its ancient history dating back over 2,000 years, Greek mythology, amazing cuisine, warm-hearted hospitable people, and fabulous sun-drenched islands. Often referred to as the “cradle of Western civilization,” Greece is the birthplace of democracy and the home of Aristotle, Plato, and the original Olympic Games.