Tax Information in Argentina

DTA With U.S.: No

Income Tax: Levied on a sliding scale from 9% to 21%. Non-residents pay a withholding tax of 21% on Argentine-sourced income only.

Sales Tax: Standard IVA (VAT) is 21%. A higher rate of 27% is levied on certain utilities. Private health insurance, newspapers, and cable television are taxed at 10.5%.

Transfer Tax: 1.5%. This does not apply to a resident selling his main dwelling if he commits to buying another property within 12 months.

Capital Gains: Depending on your situation, regular income tax may apply on income earned from the sale of property.

Rental Income Tax: Treated as part of your regular taxable income. Levied at 35% for residents and 21% for nonresidents on the gross annual rent.

Property Tax: Income earned from renting your property is treated as regular income tax. Outside of Buenos Aires (which is exempt), rates vary by province and are applied to the assessed value of the property.

Why Argentina?

Argentina offers a great life…as it’s supposed to be lived. We’ve tried to put our finger on why this is true, exactly. What is it about Argentina that keeps drawing us back? That attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers every year? Is it the wonderful food and the long dinners that last for three hours at a stretch? The best beef in the world…fabulous wines and entertainment that goes on into the early hours of the morning? Or is it that, every time we return, we find new sights to see and new places to explore?

It’s all of these things, of course. But right now, it’s primarily that it’s so cheap. It’s like Europe…but at a third of the price. It’s hard to go wrong there…whether you are thinking about relocating…or just investing. Now is the time to act.