By Moving to Argentina You Can Enjoy a European Lifestyle at One-Fifth of the Price

Argentina allows you to enjoy a wonderful life, just as it’s supposed to be lived. We’ve tried to put our finger on why exactly this is true…what is it about Argentina that keeps drawing us back? What is it that makes moving to Argentina so appealing to so many people?

Move to Argentina to Enjoy Wonderful Dining and Other Activities

It could be the wonderful food and the long dinners that last for three hours at a stretch. A move to Argentina allows you to enjoy the best beef in the world, complemented by fabulous wines and entertainment that goes on into the early hours of the morning.

Or it could be Argentina’s wide range of available activities and sites to explore. Only by actually moving to Argentina will you be able to attempt to properly explore this beautiful, diverse country. Argentina has almost every geographical feature imaginable. It is home to some of the highest mountains of the world (the Andes on its western border), sprawling desert in the Gran Chaco, wine-growing land in the foothills of the Andes, snow-blanketed ski resorts in northern Patagonia, oil and gas wells in southern Patagonia (overlooked by more sheep than people), and the great Pampas, the most fertile land on Earth, where the topsoil is a yard deep.

And perhaps as important as anything else, right now Argentina is extremely cheap. The lifestyle in Argentina is very comparable to that in Europe, but the price tag is clearly from a whole different continent. By moving to Argentina, you are able to enjoy a European lifestyle at a much lower price you would be paying in Europe. It’s hard to go wrong with that. Whether you are thinking about retiring, relocating, reinventing yourself, or all of the above, Argentina is an attractive destination.

If you are considering a move to Argentina, then there is no question that now is the time to act. Argentina is an emerging market on the map for the smartest investors around the world today. There are opportunities, not only in Buenos Aires, but also in the suburbs, in ranches and farmland, and in other industries, too.