Find Your Dream Retirement in Thailand

With its warm climate, inexpensive cost of living, and beautiful scenery, it’s easy to see why Thailand attracts retirees from across the globe.

In fact, Thailand remains one of the top-10 countries to retire abroad, receiving high scores over the past few years in International Living‘s Annual Global Retirement Index—most notably for its top-notch healthcare, inexpensive housing, and friendly residents. These all combine to make it a great choice for retiring overseas.

In the northern part of the country, Chiang Mai beckons with its surrounding, scenic mountains and winding country roads—offering a new adventure around every bend.  Here you can enjoy all the amenities of modern city life at a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay back home. With easy access to healthy outdoor markets, affordable real estate, and a large established expat community, it’s obvious why Chiang Mai remains so popular.  For those who prefer a more rural lifestyle, there are many affordable properties just outside the city limits.

For true urban living, Bangkok is still high on the list for many retirees. As a regional center for the arts, fashion, and entertainment, it’s hard to beat—and with easy access to the beaches in the south and the mountains to the north, this modern metropolis has something for everyone. Although more expensive than the rest of the country, it’s still possible to find affordable real estate in many parts of the city.

For those who dream of the beach life, you’ll find affordable housing right on the beachfront, where you can watch the waves roll in from your balcony—with prices  dropping substantially if you are willing to live a short distance from the beach. Phuket and Pattaya, an island city and a beach city respectively, have long been popular with expats who are looking for an urban lifestyle near the water. For a more laidback beach scene, Hua Hin and the nearby towns of Cha-am and Pranburi are recommended for their atmospheric night markets, whale watching, and rustic vineyard and farm tours. Residents cite the low cost of living in general, the affordability of beachfront living in particular, and the expat friendliness as strong points for choosing this part of the country.