Where Are We Going in 2023?

Where Are We Going in 2023

For over 40 years our mandate here at International Living has been the same…explore the world and find the best places to live and retire overseas. From our humble beginnings as an eight-page newsletter to our current, new digital edition crammed with videos, photos and podcast episodes, each month in International Living magazine we strive to share with you the best, most up-to-date, reliable information from the places that we think make the most sense for a happier, healthier, more affordable life overseas.

And 2023 will be no different. With travel restrictions now lifted almost everywhere, our editors and correspondents are busy booking flights and Airbnbs and planning travel itineraries as they get ready to take to the road to scout out new destinations, revisit old favorites, and get updates from the top retirement spots on our beat.

Already the travel schedule is packed for the first half of the year. Here’s a little taster of what we have coming up…

A new entry on our 2023 Annual Global Retirement Index was Greece. Offering unspoiled islands, ancient cities, and a laidback Mediterranean lifestyle, this southern European gem is top of our list for some serious exploration this year. So in a few weeks’ time, IL Lifestyle Editor Sean Keenan will be packing his bags and doing some island hopping as well as checking out some of the quieter spots just outside of the bustling capital of Athens.

“March is shoulder season in the Greek isles,” Sean says, “in fact, the flight I’ll be taking to the island of Rhodes will be the first of the year to touch down from northern Europe. But that fits in with my plan—to scope out what life is like in Rhodes, Corfu, and Athens without the tourist hordes. Ancient Greek temples, Byzantine plazas, Ottoman palaces…and early-adopter expats who have figured out what the vacationers miss. I’ll be catching up with as many of them as I can and learning what these heavenly islands have to offer when the crowds have gone.”


Across the Atlantic in Panama, our Panama Editor Jessica Ramesch will be leaving her condo by the beach in Coronado and heading into the mountains for a few days catching up with the expats in the country’s Chiriqui region.

“I’ll kick off my Chiriquí trip in the Highlands at the Boquete Jazz & Blues festival, billed as ‘world-class music on the slopes of Volcán Barú,’” Jessica says. “I’ll move on from Boquete to spend more time in the little hamlet of Volcán. Boquete gets all the attention, but little Volcán is my favorite highland town, it’s a bit cooler than Boquete, and it has a small, thriving expat community. The location on the volcanic skirt and abutting a national park is unbeatable—fertile, flower-filled land. Before heading home, I’ll drop into David and then head down to the coast for a little beachy reconnaissance mission.”

And later in the year, Jessica will get into exploration mode again and hit the coastal area of Pedasí, on the tip of the Azuero Peninsula on Panama’s Pacific coast.

Jessica says, “The greater Pedasí region is known for the picturesque little village of Pedasí and the string of beaches that starts just outside the village. I’ll check these out, but my main goal is to spend some time in Venao and Cambutal. Known to few outside the surfing world, these beach communities are attracting investors and as a result there are great new options for housing plus some exciting new restaurants and conveniences. This is one of the sunniest and driest parts of Panama…think super safe, clean, small-town living.”

If island living is more your thing, we’ll also be putting boots on the ground in the Dominican Republic this year. Better known to most North Americans as a vacation destination, this small, tropical island of powder-white-sand beaches, emerald-green Caribbean waters, and swaying palm trees also had a lot to offer expats…whether you make it your fill-time home or just want a winter-getaway destination. Easy to get to from the U.S., affordable property, and a laidback vibe are just some of the reasons expats have been moving here.

But there’s more…


Back in Europe, our new Italy Correspondent Chip Stites will going on his first travel assignment for us…to a place he calls “the lesser-known Portofino” on the Italian Riviera. Camogli is a charming seaside village that gets overshadowed by its more famous neighbor. Chips says the Italians know all about it and have kept it secret for years…he’s going to spend a few days exploring the town and he’ll report back on what he uncovers.

Tuula Rampont, IL France Correspondent, will be hitting up the foodie favorite of Lyon later this spring. As well as checking out the best places to sample the city’s exquisite cuisine, she’ll also be exploring the city’s neighborhoods and finding out what life is like in this buzzing university town.


Then there’s Northern Spain to explore…Cambodia…some more locations around Thailand…and much more. For 2023, we want to uncover even more great destinations for overseas living. And we’ll be sharing all the discoveries, research, practical info, and fun things to do that our intrepid editors and correspondents in the pages of International Living magazine.

It’s going to be an exciting year…so stay tuned!

Our Team is Expanding Even More in 2023


Whether you dream of a romantic life in the Italian countryside, lazing by the beach in the Caribbean, an adventurous retirement traveling the globe, or anything in between… Here at International Living, we’ve got you covered.

That’s because we’ve gathered a worldwide network of writers and correspondents already living these lives. Men and women pledged to help you get from where you are now to where they are.

And this is no static group... We’re always on the lookout for talented writers and expats to lend us—and you—their expertise.

And this year we’re introducing some fantastic new correspondents to do just that. These are the folks whose insights and advice you can rely on to make your dreams of living better for less overseas come true.

I asked them here today to say hello and tell you what you can expect from them. Take a look below…

Meet Your New IL Correspondents

Italy Correspondent Chip Stites

Hello from your new International Living correspondent in Italy! I’m excited to be a part of a great team and write about a place I love.

My wife and I live in central Italy in a town called Rieti. It’s in the middle of the Apennine Mountains, halfway between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Seas and an hour and forty minutes northeast of Rome in the province of Lazio.

I’ll be sending you letters and videos with insights into this marvelous country, and why we think it’s a great place for retirees, or as the Italians say: “pensionati.”

Belize Correspondent Shane Kenny

Good day from the beautiful Placencia Peninsula in Belize, or "the island you can drive to.” I’m Shane Kenny, your Belize correspondent.

For years my wife Heather and I dreamed about moving to the Caribbean and opening a boutique resort on the beach. In 2019, our dream became a reality when we opened Placencia Beach Club in Belize, a Caribbean nation east of Mexico.

We live in the southern portion of the country, and deemed 2023 the year we get out and explore more of Belize. We look forward to sharing our adventures and experiences with you...

Costa Rica Correspondent Rebekah Bottone

Hola, my name is Bekah, and I’m the new Costa Rica correspondent. Pura Vida! I love this country and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my adventures with you.

I’ve been travelling to Costa Rica since 1997 and settled here in 2010. I live with my twins (a son and daughter) in Villarreal, Guanacaste—Costa Rica's northwestern province. My home is 4 km from Playa Tamarindo, known for its sunsets and fantastic surfing.

We live in a wonderful, supportive community where we love to gather at the beach! Friday night is my favorite time of the week... when I get to chill with friends and watch the gorgeous unfolding sunset.

I can't wait to show you all the reasons I love Costa Rica. It’s not only great for retirees, but for families and digital nomads, too.

Spain Correspondent Sally Pederson

Hola from Spain! My name is Sally Pederson and I'm excited to be your Spain correspondent.

I'm a little bit of a travel addict... I’ve visited 43 countries and lived abroad in five so far. Barcelona has been my home base for the past five years. Prior to that, my home was Costa Rica.

With sun, sand, and snow, Spain has a lot to offer to everyone—singles, families, and retirees. I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences here with you (the good and the frustrating!), as well as my travels throughout this beautiful country. I hope you enjoy my articles and videos from across Spain.

Roving Europe Correspondents Warren & Julie Knox

Hello! We’re Warren and Julie, International Living’s new roving Europe correspondents.

We’ve been slow traveling the world with our two dogs since March of 2020, vlogging about our experiences and expenses along the way.

We’re honored to host International Living’s ILTV, launched this this month, where we’ll provide exclusive, entertaining, and informative video content.

We subscribed to International Living magazine for years before we started our nomadic lives (at the ages of 52 and 45). IL offered exclusive coverage of many of the countries we were considering for our retirement.

To date, Warren has been to 42 countries, Julie to 39, our dog Katie has been to 19, and our Ecuadorian rescue Arya to 18.

Simply put, we couldn’t decide on one perfect country to retire to, so we chose them all. We hope you’ll tune in to ILTV and travel with us...

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