Looking for Beachfront Property? Check out Panama

Dream of warm ocean water gently caressing your feet? Want to peruse the endless azure sea from the soft sand of your own beachfront property? Then you should think hard about Panama. Here, you will find a large quantity of available beach real estate, and you will be surprised at how affordable your slice of oceanfront paradise can be.

Panama has so much exquisite beach property available because the country has miles and miles of coastline but a small population. The vast majority of the nicest beachfront property is undeveloped and virtually uninhabited. During the week, you are hard pressed to find another person on many long stretches of beach. Even on weekends, beaches in Panama are rarely crowded. Hotels and resorts are popping up here and there, but in general, tourism is still in its infant stage.

Beautiful Beachfront Real Estate on Panama’s Pacific Coast

Those interested in buying beach lots in Panama are usually best advised to look to the Pacific coast. Much of the finest property available is within just a few hours’ drive of Panama City. The coastline looks as if it is straight from a postcard. The beaches here are ideal for all sorts of beach activities including sunning, surfing, swimming, and snorkeling—and there is an abundance of tempting beachfront real estate in Panama.

Panama beach property is inexpensive, and you can find some ocean-view condos for even less than $100,000. Spending a little more on your beach real estate will get you larger and more luxurious condos, townhouses, or villas.

Oceanfront Property Options on Panama’s Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic coast also offers some possibilities for purchasing beach lots in a Caribbean setting, but accessibility to these areas is more difficult. Also, title issues in some parts of Panama’s Caribbean coast are slightly more complicated, meaning that you should use much more caution when buying beachfront real estate there.

The most well-known area to buy beach property on the Atlantic coast is at the tourist hotspot of Bocas del Toro. There is no question that visiting Bocas is an excellent way to pass some vacation time, but buying beachfront real estate there is no longer the bargain that it once was. Nevertheless, there is no question that there are still good deals to be had in Bocas and other places along the Atlantic coast…you will just have to look a little harder to find them.