By Moving to Panama You Can Move to Paradise

Panama is finally starting to catch on as a top-notch destination for expats as people are becoming more interested than ever in moving to Panama. Some people are looking to retire overseas, some are looking for a life on the beach, and some are simply looking to move abroad and start a new life. Nevertheless, Panama has something to offer everybody, and is a very convenient place to move.

Moving to Panama for the Perfect Retirement

A large portion of the expats moving to Panama have chosen this tropical paradise as a destination for retirement. Panama offers an incredible pension program for retirees, which, combined with a high quality of living and the affordability of everything from real estate to health care, creates what International Living considers to be one of the top retirement destinations in the world.

Moving to Panama for its Gorgeous Beaches

One of Panama’s primary attractions for everyone from retirees to young surfers is its many miles of beautiful coastline. A move to Panama is almost like moving to an island due to the tremendous amount of beachfront, both Pacific and Caribbean.

Panama Is a Convenient, Modern Destination

Many Americans favor Panama as a destination because it is so close to the United States. There are dozens of quick, direct flights going to and from the U.S. daily. Moving to Panama, therefore, does not greatly separate you from friends and family. In fact, from New York, a move to Panama is little different than a move to California.

Panama is also far more developed and modern than most people anticipate. The idea that moving to Panama means a move away from the First World could not be farther from the truth. People who move to Panama can typically find the same luxuries and amenities that they would hope for anywhere else, and can even afford more of them due to Panama’s low cost of living.

Panama encourages retirees and other expats to move to Panama by offering a very straightforward visa program. For people who have decided to move to Panama, there are a variety of available visas, including the Tourist Pensioner Visa, the Private Income Retiree Visa, the Person of Means Visa, the Small Business Investor Visa, and the Forestry Investor Visa.

If you are considering moving to Panama with your family, then you will be pleased to know that Panama is an excellent place for kids of all ages. Panama offers a wealth of outdoor and cultural activities that will ensure that your children will never be bored. Looking back, your kids will undoubtedly appreciate that their move to Panama was an incredible, childhood-enriching experience.

It is also easy to take your pets with you when you move to Panama. There are some basic requirements, including an in-home quarantine requirement, but overall, the process is quite simple. Moving to Panama with your household goods, on the other hand, is slightly more complicated and expensive, so we typically recommend that you buy furniture and other household goods in Panama. Besides, it is doubtful your furniture will be suitable to your new tropical environment. Start fresh when you move to Panama.

Once the Decision Has Been Made…

Once you have decided to move to Panama, there are a few final tasks that should be on your checklist. The first is to learn a little bit of Spanish. There is a lot of English spoken in Panama, so don’t allow a lack of Spanish fluency to keep you from moving here. But do familiarize yourself with some of the most basic and essential Spanish phrases.

Moving your household goods: We recommend that you buy new household goods in Panama, as they’re inexpensive and there is so much to choose from. Moving your household goods overseas can be quite expensive (more than a couple thousand dollars in shipping alone). In Panama, you can buy everything you need and save yourself time, money, and hassle. What’s more, you’ll most likely want a different type of furniture than what you have in your home up north.

Next, you should figure out how you will be paying credit card bills and taking care of other similar responsibilities. The advent of the Internet has, thankfully, made moving abroad much simpler in recent years. Most responsibilities, like paying bills, can be managed easily online. Modern technology makes your move to Panama easier than you ever dreamed.

Moving your children to Panama: Panama is a wonderful country for children. From cultural activities in the city to outdoor activities of all kinds in the countryside, there is much to keep children educated and entertained. Panama has wonderful beaches, lovely small towns, and lush forests, perfect for exploring with children.

Moving with your pets: Have your veterinarian prepare a standard International Health Certificate preferably no more than 10 days before travel to Panama. The certificate needs to indicate the pet’s name, breed, owner’s name and current country of residency. It should state that the pet is healthy and free of parasites. It must contain a list of inoculations including type, manufacturer and batch number.

Finally, be prepared that moving to Panama, or any other country for that matter, can seem a little hectic and overwhelming at first. So just take your time and make sure that when making important decisions—like buying real estate—you are proceeding cautiously and finding the best deals possible. There is no question that you will be in the swing of things, enjoying your new life in Panama, even more quickly than you had anticipated.

Why I Moved to Panama

By Jessica Ramesch