Lifestyle In Santa Fe, Panama

  Lifestyle In Santa Fe  

Life in the secluded yet vibrant town of Santa Fe is mellow and serene. The warm, moist climate of the highlands and the mind-boggling biodiversity that envelopes this place are relaxing and exciting all at once.


You’ll be charmed by how effortlessly kind and welcoming the locals are. Their timeless culture remains intact and they are happy to see new faces. A few dozen expats have made their homes here, from all over the globe. Some have built their dream retirement homes and others have created small businesses, from farming to freelancing via internet to hosting guests at a B&B.


The town has many of the amenities you might desire without having a developed feel. You will find restaurants, bars, and shops here. Internet service is reliable. The city of Santiago is just an hour’s drive away if you need a trip to the metropolis, and you don’t even have to own a car. Buses run between Santa Fe and Santiago frequently, providing safe and affordable transportation.


The fresh coffee is heavenly and the organic local produce will make you for a healthier lifestyle in Santa Fe. There are plenty of activities to pass the time: Meanders through the hills, by the rivers and waterfalls, nature-spotting trips to the Santa Fe National Park, white-water rafting, inner tubing, bird-watching, and visits to the coffee plantations and orchid gardens.


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A Natural Lifestyle in Santa Fe, Panama

A Natural Lifestyle in Santa Fe, Panama

Daily Postcard
By |
March 20, 2015

If you fancy the rural lifestyle—unbothered by traffic and hurry—but with all of the conveniences of a city close by, there’s a location in Panama that should be on your radar. In the highlands of the Veraguas Province in west-central Panama, you’ll find Santa Fe. It’s a small town that offers all the beauty and comfort of the rainforest, fresh produce from the fertile volcanic soils, and an easygoing lifestyle of bygone days in the States. Nearby, in the lowlands, you’ll find the city of Santiago—and all the convenience and variety of a small city. That includes plenty of shopping and all the options for entertainment and indulgence you could crave. Though only about an hour apart by road, these two are worlds apart in character.

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