Why You’ll Never Want to Leave David, Panama

I always wanted to live in the tropics, and since moving to the city of David all my expectations have been surpassed. Besides the great weather, shopping, and services, David is a thriving modern city.

Even though David has a population of over 164,000, it feels like a smaller town. Everything I need is within 10 to 15 minutes of where I live. But because it’s so spread out you can choose to live in a nice subdivision amid lush green rolling hills where life is quieter, or live downtown closer to the action.

David’s economy is booming. Over the next few years, the projection is for the city to have over 65,000 new homes constructed between David and Concepcion, and there is currently a huge influx of people moving here. The city is responding by revamping and revitalizing what already exists. In addition, new local businesses are opening…and chain stores are opening branches here, too. This means our selection is much more diverse—from new cars to housewares. As a direct result the competition is keeping prices low.

On top of this, the new Federal Mall with over 400 new stores will open in about two years. This indoor mall will be a first for David. The city is buzzing about what businesses and restaurants will move in, the employment opportunities it will provide, and how it will attract more residents. But even as it stands, David is the hub for services and shopping for all of Chiriquí. This is where you will find the only new car dealers in the area, big box stores, large grocery stores, appliance repair, electronic stores, name brand hardware stores, furniture stores, and more.

David is a vibrant city. You can feel it wherever you go. There is always something going on—festivals, the International Fair, parades, soccer games, and baseball are just a few of the activities. There are also has two movie theaters with multiple screens showing first run movies in English. Davidians thoroughly enjoy life and are proud of their city. Except for Sundays, downtown is always bustling—day and night—with people, taxis, buses, and street vendors selling everything from fresh fruit to lottery tickets.

Another great thing about David is that it is safe. As a single woman, I don’t hesitate to walk around downtown by myself, go to movies alone, or drive at night. Police patrol on bikes, cars, and motorcycles, making sure everyone is safe.

The cost of living in David is extremely affordable and more so than many other areas of Panama. With such a large population, there are numerous homes available to rent or buy. Unfurnished rentals start at around $300 a month; a furnished apartment costs around $450.

David’s infrastructure is good too. Water, electricity, and internet are much more reliable in David compared with other parts of Chiriquí. Roads and buildings are well maintained and improvements are always ongoing.

David is also the hub for healthcare in Chiriquí. While other towns may have small clinics and basic emergency care, you’ll go to David for emergencies and surgeries. Expats prefer to use one of the two private hospitals in the city. These hospitals have state-of-the-art equipment, English speaking specialists, and can handle any healthcare concern.

One of the best things about David is its location. It’s only 30 minutes to the beach, 40 minutes to Boquete, and 45 minutes to the Costa Rica border. The Interamerica highway, or Pan-American highway, runs directly through David, making traveling to different parts of the country easy. In addition, David has a modern new airport which has several daily flights to Panama City.

Summers are hot (90 F and up) with breezy evenings that cool to a perfect temperature at night. During rainy season, from May to mid-December, mornings are beautiful. Afternoons bring in clouds and rain showers ending the day with perfect, cooler temperatures.

You’ll enjoy great food here. There are several places where you can indulge in fine dining, as well as affordable local eateries. Missing your favorite chain restaurant? Chances are you will find it in David. From Dominos, to TGIF, McDonalds, KFC, Dairy Queen, Subway, and Pizza Hut, this city has your junk food cravings covered.

David is a thriving city without the headaches. Neighborhoods are quiet during the day to the point you wouldn’t even know you are in a city at all. David offers all the conveniences and entertainment you might want, so why would you ever want to leave? Frankly I can’t think of a good reason, which is why I am still here.

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