Best months to go: December through February

Uruguay has a warm temperate climate with almost unknown freezing temperatures. The countries mild climate is due to the fact that the whole country is located within a temperate zone.

Situated in the temperate zone of the tropic of Capricorn, Uruguay boasts warm summers (from December to February) and crisp winters (from June to August). The weather remains quite uniform from one region to another and there are no extremes of temperatures.

The average temperature for the mid-winter month of July varies from 54 °F to 48 °F while the midsummer month of January varies from 79 °F to 72 °F.

There is a big swing difference in temperatures and sunshine between winter and summer but things never get too extreme in either direction—so things are never too hot or too cold.

The lack of major mountain ranges, to stabilize the weather, may explain why there can be substantial shifts in any season from one day to the next.

Uruguay has the perfect climate for a variety of crops and there’s a wide range of locally-grown foods available. Because of its mild climate, the country can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Uruguay has four distinct seasons, but does not have ice or snow. It does however, get 41 inches of rainfall per year.

It can reach the mid-90s (34° C) during the summer, and in the winter most days hit 60° F. It is safe to say that you can put away your snow shove for good if retiring in Uruguay.