There are many reasons to consider Uruguay as a retirement destination. When you are living in Uruguay you will be able to enjoy its colorful markets of fresh food every day of the week with a sharply reduced price tag. From its old-world theaters and opera houses to its jazz festivals and exquisite restaurants, Uruguay looks and feels like Europe, but the cost of living is more like the Third World. But while the prices are low, the infrastructure is first rate. You can drink the water from any tap in the country. Telephone lines can be installed in less than 48 hours, and your high-speed internet connection is just a phone call away in most cities. The truth is that Uruguay is one of the most diverse, affordable, and sophisticated countries in the region.

Some people come for the city living in the capital, Montevideo, enjoying its many restaurants, cultural events, and social gatherings. Still others come to settle in Uruguay’s vast countryside, with gauchos still tending their herds…or to live the high life at South America’s premier beach resort.

Mostly, those that move here want a fertile country that’s free of conflict; with mild weather, sustainable agriculture, and a solid financial system.

Expats Living in Uruguay

Uruguay is largely unknown among potential North American expats, and you won’t find many of them living here. The majority that are here are working with the diplomatic corps or are stationed in Uruguay by their North American companies.

The fastest growing expat group in the country seems to be from Argentina, and we’re told it’s become an increasingly popular retirement destination for them due to the comparatively low cost of living and properties.

Uruguay truly has a lifestyle and a region for everyone, depending on what you’re looking for in the way of a new life abroad. Whether you want to live downtown in a world capital, in the heart of an old colonial city, in one of the world’s famous beach resorts, or on a sprawling ranch in the heartland, you can be sure that Uruguay has a place for you.

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