10 Reasons to Live in France

Whether you’re gazing up at the craggy peaks of the Alps…wandering through a picture-perfect medieval village…or biting into a warm, flaky pain au chocolat in a Parisian café, France is a place that tugs at the heartstrings.

If the idea of spending some time in France appeals to you, the good news is, it’s more affordable than you might think. Forget the $10 coffees on the Champs Elysees and multi-million-dollar homes on the French Riviera, there are many regions in France where a couple can live comfortably for $3,200 or less a month, including rent or a mortgage…you just have to know where to look.

If you’re looking for great food and a slow pace of life where people take care to savor what they enjoy, then France should be on your radar.

Folks who love France for Paris say they love the art there, the beauty of the city itself, the variety in cafés and restaurants, the parks, the sophistication.

It’s not just the culture that’s a draw though. The excellent healthcare in France attracts expats, too. Even with an add-on insurance policy designed for expats, you might expect to pay $175 a month in premiums. A doctor’s visit would set you back roughly $50. And doctors regularly make house calls, too.

There’s something else you should know about France: It can be a lot more affordable than you may think. Right now property prices—particularly outside of Paris—are low, it’s possible in all sorts of places to find lovely homes on offer for less than $100,000.

Even in Paris, in the right neighborhoods, you’ll find surprisingly good values. A small apartment in the heart of town might rent for $1,300 a month (when something comparable in New York would go for three times that).

To top it all, you’ll find great infrastructure, top-class wine and you’ll enjoy a healthy lifestyle… Read on for 10 reasons why you should consider living in France.

France Infographic

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