Laid-Back, Costa Rican Life…

Imagine, for a moment, waking up to the sun bursting through a canopy of leaves… the song of tropical birds the only sound piercing the stillness of the morning air….

Then, after a breakfast of plump, tree-fresh fruits and the finest native coffee, taking a leisurely stroll down to a white-sanded beach—empty save for a few friendly locals—and plunging into the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean…

Imagine you could do all this—and more—for the rest of your life…

There’s no need to just imagine… In Costa Rica today, thousands of expats are living this better, healthier happier life—at just a fraction of what it cost to live at home.

—Take Erin Morris, for example. She’s found that life is just easier in this tropical paradise.

“I was first lured by the wonderful tropical climate. Life is so much simpler living in warm, but not too hot, weather. I don’t need a big wardrobe and I don’t need allergy medicine.”

And when she wants a change of scenery from her quiet mountain town? She takes her dog—and just goes.

“Traveling is one of the biggest draws to this country with trips to exotic locations easy and inexpensive. So when I take time off to travel to the Pacific Coast or the Caribbean Coast, I am taking a vacation… from my vacation.”

—If you prefer to relax by a lake, maybe with a fishing rod in hand, that’s easy to do here. In fact, the fishing is so good on Costa Rica’s Lake Arenal—a lake backed by a stunning volcano of the same name—that Captain Ron Saunders has opened a fishing business here.

He fell in love with this tranquil part of Costa Rica nearly nine years ago—as do many of the customers he takes out on his boat.

“Usually the first thing people say when I take them out is ‘Oh my God, it’s so beautiful.’ Most lakes in the U.S. are full of boats and jet skis and there are houses all over, but Arenal is quiet and pristine.

—If you’re not sure where you might settle down in Costa Rica, take a leaf out of Michael and Katie Cavanagh’s book. They took their RV across the U.S. and Europe… but when they got to the tiny town of Ocotal on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, they decided to stop.

Since then, they’ve taken full advantage of what the area has to offer.

“Our blood pressures are lower and our tans are better. Living near the ocean, there isn’t a day we don’t go to the beach. We also take advantage of the proximity of rainforest and volcanoes, both of which we can reach easily in less than two hours.”

But the biggest draw for the Cavanaghs? The Costa Rican people.

“Ticos (as the locals call themselves) view hospitality, generosity, and kindness as second nature. A Tico friend summed it up by telling me that a smile is free and doesn’t cost him anything to share. I’ve been amazed at how valuable those free smiles can be.”

For all these reasons and so many more, expats are flocking to Costa Rica. They’re the ones who stopped wishing—and started making their dreams happen.

That dream lifestyle in Costa Rica is just in reach. All you have to do is to take the steps to make it happen.

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