Curious about financial matters in Italy? How to use your ATM card? Is it easy to open a bank account? Find out by reading on.

Currency and exchange: Italy uses the euro.

Opening a bank account: As a foreign resident, you can open a normal checking account once you have your certificate of residence (certificato di residenza) or proof of employment, and fiscal tax number (codicefiscale). In addition, you will need proof of your address (e.g. utility or telephone bill, rental contract). Be sure to request a debit (Bancomat) card, which can be used to draw cash, pay for goods, and pay bills throughout Italy.

You can open a non-resident checking account if you don’t have your certificate of residence, but be warned that the monthly charges for such an account are very high. You can only deposit foreign currency or imported euros into non-resident accounts.

ATMs: If you get your U.S. card activated for overseas, you can draw cash from ATM machines, known in Italy as Bancomat. At the beginning of the transaction, you can opt for your preferred language.