Our Typical Day in Laidback Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We like to think of Puerto Vallarta, the resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast that we call home, as a simple place. Although it has a growing population, it has been able to maintain a small-town feel. People say good morning to one another and strangers are treated with kindness.

For my wife, Hillary, and I, this simplicity and calmness shapes how we live our lives. Just as the stress of the rat race can be infectious, so can the tranquility and friendliness throughout Puerto Vallarta. Because of that, a typical day for us in Puerto Vallarta involves only a few simple pleasures.

Though we want to sleep in, the sun slowly rises over the Sierra Madre mountains sending beautiful rays through our bedroom window. Typically, the sun waking you up on the weekends would be a nuisance, but in Puerto Vallarta it is a subtle reminder that you are living in paradise.

Slowly, we make our way out of bed and get ready for a morning full of fun. Our first stop is our favorite breakfast restaurant in town, Coco’s Kitchen. It’s not the cheapest place in town (you might spend $2 for a coffee and $8 for a meal), but for what you get, it’s a bargain. The chile relleno omelet and biscuits are worth the trip to Mexico alone, but the people are what make it our favorite breakfast restaurant in town. Ruben, one of the waiters, has treated us like family since the very first time we visited Coco’s Kitchen and we have been blessed to call him one of our friends.

There is not much better in life than good coffee, good food, and good conversation. Well, I guess the only thing better than that is having the privilege of drinking mimosas with the owner herself, Coco. Getting to know people like Ruben, Coco, and other restaurant owners in Puerto Vallarta is a truly special feeling.

When we are fully caffeinated and our bellies are full, we slowly make our way to the beach. We have found that the waves and sun are typically less harsh in the morning hours, making it the perfect time for us to relax and recharge with the sun at our backs.

The combination of an amazing sunrise, delicious food, and the sound of waves rolling in make for a perfect start to our day.

After a few hours of soaking up the sun, it is time to walk back to town to cool off with an iced Americano from Big Kahuna Cafe and fill up on the best sandwich you have ever tasted from the Italian Deli; all for less than $12.

The evening hours are usually reserved for walking the beachside boardwalk and for watching the sunset from our balcony. Sunsets have a particular way of forcing you to live in the moment. For 30 minutes, you can sit in complete silence and simply enjoy life for no other reason than the fact that you are witnessing something truly beautiful.

As the sun hypnotically falls over the horizon and the day comes to an end, we get ready for bed to do it all over again.

A day in the life of expats in Mexico may look very different for each individual. That’s the great thing about living here; it allows you to live your life and your days the way you want to, free of judgement and free of stress.

I often tell people that moving to Puerto Vallarta won’t automatically make you happy. However, it does place you in an environment in which it is easier to slow down and appreciate the small things in life…like the sun waking you up on a Sunday morning.

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