Retirement Destinations Quiz

For over 35 years International Living has been exploring the world in search of the best, most affordable, overseas retirement havens. We’ve scoured the globe, visited towns and cities on every continent, spoken with expats who are living the good life overseas, and built up a support network of more than 200 contributors, correspondents, friends, and colleagues who also seek out the best live-abroad opportunities on your behalf.

Through all this work we have amassed a huge database of on-the-ground insights, tips, and advice about moving to and living in the world’s best retirement havens; all of which we then share with our readers through this website, our free e-letters, monthly magazine, newsletters, reports, and books.

But now we want to test your knowledge to see how much you really know about the best overseas retirement destinations in the world.

How many of the world’s top retirement havens can you identify…just by looking at a photo. Take our quiz below to find out (don’t worry, we’ve given you some hints).

Take our Best Retirement Destinations Quiz. Good Luck.

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